ergoPouch | Safe Sleeping and Safe Kids

November 30, 2017

It is no hidden secret that we are absolutely obsessed with sleep sacks over here at Little Gummi and the obsession further continues with ergoPouch. This Australian based and founded brand began it’s story much like we begin our sleep routines (er, lack their of); A tired mom, looking for a solution. Ergopouch is an award winning brand designed to help not just your Little, but your entire family sleep better. It’s all connected, right? I know if my Little doesn’t sleep, no one does- all the way down to our pets.

We love that ergoPouch is designed for babes of all ages. The sleep sack can be used as a swaddle but snapping the arms holes or your Little can move freely about by popping their arms through the designated holes! Another great feature are the sacks that transition from sack to suit. With a simple adjustment of the zippers, you can create little pant legs which is especially convenient when you have a walker. We usually settle down for bed about 45 minutes before we actually hit the bed and I love being able to put our ergoPouch on our kiddos and have a little sleep suit for them to get their last minute antics out in. Afterwards, we transfer the zippers and create the sleep sack for their night time needs.
Another amazing aspect of ergoPouch is the ability to oh so easily change a nappy! The zipper creates an amplified experience for those dreaded night time changes and it truly just makes parenting all around easier.

Ergopouch comes in multiple variations depending on age, size, weather and season. The sleep sack is equipped with a room thermometer that changes depending on temperature and I have found this to be extremely helpful when determining how to use ours.

I can fully trust that ergoPouch is going to keep my babes warm and safe throughout the night, all the while helping me sleep comfortable knowing they are comfortable as well! It is definitely a must-have product for every new or seasoned parent, and you can get yours via the shop link below!



Bread and Butter Wines

November 23, 2017

Gearing up for our thanksgiving feast with Bread and Butter Pinot Noir now available at Kroger! Run, don’t walk!!

Teaching brother how to ride his Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter. I think he has another year or so though.


Mealtime Amusemat with Marcus&Marcus

November 20, 2017

Mealtime is generally a really big stressor in our home as Jensen was diagnosed as Failure to Thrive. She has always been on the small side and at our last pediatrician visit this past spring it really hit home for us. After tears, tests, endless hours of occupational and food therapy and learning how to make mealtime fun and experimental, we met our goal! She is nearing the weight to get her back on her growth curve and our meals are gradually becoming a more customary part of her interest.

As we slowly approach a smooth mealtime routine we have been lucky to be introduced to Marcus&Marcus and their BPA/Phthalate Free, dishwasher safe Amusement Mats and Learning Chopsticks. The silicone Amusemat is a particular favorite of ours as it really promotes food play and sparks interest in eating. It is so heart-pulling that the simplest of products can hit so close to home for our struggles and effortlessly help us achieve our ending goal. Food play is not something that we had previously encouraged in our home because eating was such an emotional struggle as is. When our food therapist had recommended the Marcus&Marcus Amusemat we immediately hopped on board for a sponsored post. At Little Gummi, we love to promote and share products that actually work for us and we know will work for you. One of the most joyous moments are knowing that your Little is thriving and growing and with tears streaming down face as I share just a tidbit of our unknown, private struggle, it also brings me happiness knowing that there are amazing products that truly help children and families going through similar experiences as our own.

Even if you don’t share the scenario that we do, the Marcus&Marcus Amusemat will bring so much fun to any Little. Jensen loves watching her food go down the ‘slide’ and hop in the ‘pool’ and for the moment it brings fun to mealtime and takes the stress away from Mama!
Couple the Amusemat with the Learning Chopsticks and you get a super fun and safe culinary experience. Jensen is nearing 3 and has no issue using her Learning Chopsticks on anything that she is able to. The Food-Grade, Silicone Learning Chopsticks are BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free materials and promote a great way to teach and learn.

Both the Learning Chopsticks and Amusemat are available from Marcus&Marcus here or using the shop link below and include a variety of themes and colors to fit any Little’s need!



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True Growth- Play Learn and Grow with the True Tot Tower

October 28, 2017

One of the most important moments we share with our children are those surrounded by mealtimes and cooking. At Little Gummi we love using products that bring our Littles right alongside us from preparing a meal to enjoying it and True-Growth True Tot Tower does just that.

We have kind of a unique love for our True Tot Tower as we use ours to encourage meals and make food prep fun. With a daughter who is Failure To Thrive, one of the most heart wrenching activities for us are those surrounding meals and we have found the best solution to the stress is inclusion.
Parenting is by far not an easy journey and a lot of times, for us at least, we look for products that help use pave the road for parenting success. Having one child that needs just a little bit more attention than the other means finding the right products to make that time easy. True Growth True Tot Tower does just that. We have gone from headaches and mealtime angst to using the True Tot Tower to teach and encourage all forms of mealtime success.
Our daughter absolutely loves getting out her Tower and knowing it puts her front and center in choosing and creating her own meal time path. She ultimately feels in control when she is using the True Tot Tower and that is so important in creating a healthy, food positive environment for her.

One of my favorite aspects about the True Tot Tower is it allows for your child to be right up in the action as opposed to standing on a chair or perhaps sitting on the counter. It is extremely sturdy and gives just enough independence to flourish any up and coming future cooks desire.

The True Tot Tower comes in a few different finishes and folds up nicely to store. We usually don’t have to store ours as we use it twice a day and what feels like 24/7. I mean, cooking takes a while! It is very easy to put together, in just a few pieces and about 20 minutes (if you’re savvy) you’ll be using yours moments after!

We just moved into our mountain home, so for photos of our True Tot Tower in use, check our instagram and in the meantime, shop your very own using the link below


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C is for Clear Ear Oto Tip

October 18, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Clear Ear Oto Tip. All statements remain my own.

Newborns, eyelashes and ear wax. OH MY!

So we love one out of the three and if you’re like us at Little Gummi you probably don’t like getting eyelashes out of your newborns eyes or ear wax out of your kiddos ear. We have no advice on the eyelashes (we always went to extremes, oops) but we have the perfect solution for the ear wax removal that works from one month and up! Clear Ear Oto-Tip is the perfect accessory for cleaning ears and changing the head from infant to adult is as easy as the product itself.

The Clear Ear Oto-Tip is designed with a spiral tip to catch and collect ear wax for a better removal then a cotton swab – which can easily damage ears. The drill like tip spins to create a web of wax (if there is any) for easy removal. One of the biggest concerns for me when I went to clean my Little’s ears were if I was inserting the cotton swab too far. Yes, I know this is a no-no which is why we completely support and promote the ClearEar Too Tip! Which, I might add has a safety shield to prevent anyone from inserting the ClearEar too far.
Because unsafe remedies for ear wax removal can cause injuries and hearing loss, the Oto-Tip is the perfect solution to safely remove excess wax. It has a subtle vibration that feels like a mini ear massage which my toddler calls the “bee”. Jensen loves the Clear Ear Oto-Tip and thinks it’s hilarious when the little “bee” comes to get her excessive ear wax. The medical grade silicone tip and shield are great for knowing the Oto-Tip is used properly and comfortably.

The tips (both small for children and large for adults) are reusable and if used on a regular basis  should be changed monthly.

Remember that ear wax is natural and healthy as it keeps out unwanted interferences within the ears; however, too much can cause temporary deafness. Start your Clear Ear habit today and make sure your selective-hearing-toddler is actually ignoring you rather than dealing with pesky excessive ear wax. After using the Oto-Tip I now know that Jensen is just ignoring me, until the “bee” comes to get her wax that is.

Clear Ear


CLEARinse | From Mom Cold to Man Cold and Everything In Between

October 7, 2017

The transitioning of seasons brings on many things; Pumpkin Spice everything, oversized sweaters and if you’re like me, bonfires and outdoor fun. With all of the beauty in the changing seasons, comes also the not so fun colds that no one talks about. Sure we all love the rustling leaves and sometimes that’s enough to risk the chance of high ranking allergies but when you have a simple solution like CLEARinse Nasal Cleansing System it makes any outdoor activity bearable.

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