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Little Gummi is not a blog but a product review site specializing in upscale baby gear as well as the hottest trends and products to the current market.

Little Gummi was dreamt up shortly after our daughter Jensen was born at the end of 2014 as we respectively realized we knew nothing about parenting, products or baby gear.
We launched in 2015 with an aim to become a premier stop for seasoned and non-seasoned parents alike looking for straight forward and informative information on products they love.

Cultivating our review list to the best of the best products, we have formed and maintained partnerships and sponsorships with some amazing stores, brands and trade-shows including Playtime (held in NYC, Paris and Tokyo) and The Babys Den in nyc. We value the capability of bring you the best products offered with a modern and sleek twist.

Each review is carefully tested and thought-out to ensure the viewer doesn’t make the same starting mistakes we did (which is what inspired Little Gummi); when we were expecting our first we clocked in countless hours at the local baby store, over-bought cloth diaper products we didn’t even need and came out with 2 strollers. We knew others would find themselves in the same situation with nowhere to turn. We understood the big box shops would do anything to sell and we didn’t have a coach to guide us along. Little Gummi was designed to be your coach, to help decipher between products and ultimately only come out with the necessities and the gear to make parenting life easier and convenient.

I am a stay at home mom of 2; our daughter, Jensen (2) and our son, Miller (5months).
My husband Steven is a Texas native and handles a lot of the behind-the-scense stuff on Little Gummi. He is a Marketing/Promotions Director for an ABC affiliate. Collectively, we have lived in LA, NYC and most recently Chicago and take a lot of pride in the culture of each city. We moved to Kentucky abruptly 4 weeks before our son was born and began to try to settle in as soon-to-be parents of 2. Steven and I met in 2013, he was a photographer in NYC and I was a model in transit to London which is similarly how we got the name Little Gummi. Steven had told me he wanted to create a “street” mag, if you will, and invited me to write alongside it for the NYC area. The name of the magazine would be Gummi. His passion for creating took him in other directions but the name lingered. Who knew a couple of years after, the same thing that brought us together would become a top destination for all things baby-related?! The meaning behind the name? Steven likes Gummy Bears (;