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July 31, 2018

This post was sponsored and made possible by Ethique. All statements remain my own.

Parenting and choosing the right products are so important (and time consuming!). We created Little Gummi to take the hours out of your search for “the best” and deliver the curated list right to you, which is why I’m so excited that Ethique has arrived in the USA!! You can now #meetethique and their amazing skin care products for you and your babe! Reducing plastic in our daily regime is so important and @ethiqueusa really focuses on helping all of us reduce the use and at the same time creating awesome skincare products along the way. One of our favorites (and Jensen’s?) is the Love Baby Bar. Nothing like a product to soothe your baby to sleep ♥️ #sponsored

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C is for Clear Ear Oto Tip

October 18, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Clear Ear Oto Tip. All statements remain my own.

Newborns, eyelashes and ear wax. OH MY!

So we love one out of the three and if you’re like us at Little Gummi you probably don’t like getting eyelashes out of your newborns eyes or ear wax out of your kiddos ear. We have no advice on the eyelashes (we always went to extremes, oops) but we have the perfect solution for the ear wax removal that works from one month and up! Clear Ear Oto-Tip is the perfect accessory for cleaning ears and changing the head from infant to adult is as easy as the product itself.

The Clear Ear Oto-Tip is designed with a spiral tip to catch and collect ear wax for a better removal then a cotton swab – which can easily damage ears. The drill like tip spins to create a web of wax (if there is any) for easy removal. One of the biggest concerns for me when I went to clean my Little’s ears were if I was inserting the cotton swab too far. Yes, I know this is a no-no which is why we completely support and promote the ClearEar Too Tip! Which, I might add has a safety shield to prevent anyone from inserting the ClearEar too far.
Because unsafe remedies for ear wax removal can cause injuries and hearing loss, the Oto-Tip is the perfect solution to safely remove excess wax. It has a subtle vibration that feels like a mini ear massage which my toddler calls the “bee”. Jensen loves the Clear Ear Oto-Tip and thinks it’s hilarious when the little “bee” comes to get her excessive ear wax. The medical grade silicone tip and shield are great for knowing the Oto-Tip is used properly and comfortably.

The tips (both small for children and large for adults) are reusable and if used on a regular basis  should be changed monthly.

Remember that ear wax is natural and healthy as it keeps out unwanted interferences within the ears; however, too much can cause temporary deafness. Start your Clear Ear habit today and make sure your selective-hearing-toddler is actually ignoring you rather than dealing with pesky excessive ear wax. After using the Oto-Tip I now know that Jensen is just ignoring me, until the “bee” comes to get her wax that is.

Clear Ear

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Baby Bits | Making Your Own Wipes

May 23, 2017


A really big interest at Little Gummi has been reusable baby wipes. We have tried the cloth diaper wipes previously but we were not exactly sure how to make that work until we came across Baby Bits which is a fantastic company built upon home made diaper wipes with an extensive topic of usage.
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Beauty Counter | Kids Bath Collection

April 10, 2017

Beauty Counter

Caring for yourself, the kids and the earth through healthy and conscious decisions extends much deeper than just an electric car or organic eating. It also means being aware of what we put on our bodies and there is no other momma out there more dedicated than changing this than  Beauty Counter rep Loren Pudlewski and we are completely intrigued by these products over at Little Gummi

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash and Shampoo

March 13, 2017

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby has been a brand we have followed and used since I was pregnant with Jensen. As an industry leader in natural and organic herbal products that are safe to use during and after pregnancy, infancy and beyond, it is no wonder the brand has become a favorite among parents and children alike.

As I grew from searching for stretch mark cream to searching for the safest wash for my newborns head,  Earth Mama Angel Baby immediately drew my attention with their Baby Body Wash and Shampoo.
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Angelcare Bathtub

December 26, 2016

If you have been a follower of Little Gummi since our launch date last year, you’ll know we have a thing for baby tubs and that continued until we found the perfect baby bath from Angelcare! It’s not your typical tub in that it is designed to fit inside of a bigger bath tub so Baby is not wading in a tub of water. With little holes throughout the body of the bath seat, there is always clean water running over your little to ensure the most freshness possible.
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