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ergoPouch | Safe Sleeping and Safe Kids

November 30, 2017

It is no hidden secret that we are absolutely obsessed with sleep sacks over here at Little Gummi and the obsession further continues with ergoPouch. This Australian based and founded brand began it’s story much like we begin our sleep routines (er, lack their of); A tired mom, looking for a solution. Ergopouch is an award winning brand designed to help not just your Little, but your entire family sleep better. It’s all connected, right? I know if my Little doesn’t sleep, no one does- all the way down to our pets.

We love that ergoPouch is designed for babes of all ages. The sleep sack can be used as a swaddle but snapping the arms holes or your Little can move freely about by popping their arms through the designated holes! Another great feature are the sacks that transition from sack to suit. With a simple adjustment of the zippers, you can create little pant legs which is especially convenient when you have a walker. We usually settle down for bed about 45 minutes before we actually hit the bed and I love being able to put our ergoPouch on our kiddos and have a little sleep suit for them to get their last minute antics out in. Afterwards, we transfer the zippers and create the sleep sack for their night time needs.
Another amazing aspect of ergoPouch is the ability to oh so easily change a nappy! The zipper creates an amplified experience for those dreaded night time changes and it truly just makes parenting all around easier.

Ergopouch comes in multiple variations depending on age, size, weather and season. The sleep sack is equipped with a room thermometer that changes depending on temperature and I have found this to be extremely helpful when determining how to use ours.

I can fully trust that ergoPouch is going to keep my babes warm and safe throughout the night, all the while helping me sleep comfortable knowing they are comfortable as well! It is definitely a must-have product for every new or seasoned parent, and you can get yours via the shop link below!


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Miracle Sleeper by Miracle Ware

June 2, 2017

Miracle Sleeper

At Little Gummi we are huge fans of sleep suits and sacks so we of course had to add the Miracle Sleeper from Miracle Ware to our collection. This awesome sleeper makes the transition from swaddle to sleeper so much easier especially when you have routine adjusted babes such as our little ones.
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Peapod Mats | Catching Life’s Messes

May 25, 2017

At one point or another, we have all experienced the glory that is our children’s bodily fluids in the most uncanny of moments. At Little Gummi this is all too familiar and amidst a baby and a potty training two year old we are as thankful as ever for Peapod Mats and their desirable glory in a bedwetting world.

Peapod Mats

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Cozy Blanket Pouch by Revelae | Comfort With Ease

April 28, 2017

The stress of having a newborn can be overwhelming, finding products that work shouldn’t be. Little Gummi is excited to show you the cozy Blanket Pouch by Revelae which is designed to comfort and warm your newborn all the way up to nine months!
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Crescent Womb | Transitioning From Womb to World

April 7, 2017

Crescent Womb

Becoming a parent for the first time, or the fifth time, also comes with many worries and at Little Gummi we don’t think sleep time should be one of them! When ever our newest addition would draw closer to arrival, we always researched and over-thought the bassinets that our Little would go in. This can be cumbersome especially when you live in a studio (that’s us!) so we are really excited to talk about Dad invented Crescent Womb.

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ergoPouch Happy Cosy Baby

December 26, 2016

ergoPouch Little Cozy Baby

We have all heard about the proper baby bedding atttire, only using certain sheets, no bumpers and definitely no additional toys, blankets or pillows in a crib but what we haven’t been told much about is ergoPouch; the clever little solution to a blanket that provides that additional safety to your little without compromising warmth or comfort.

We had the pleasure of testing out an ergoPouch to see what the rave was with our own eyes and I can’t imagine how I ever parented without one! The way ergoPouch works is through a sleep bag (they make other products as well) that is insulated using natural fibers compiled of bamboo, organic cotton and merino. You choose either a summer or winter bag and it can be used in two ways: arms tucked inside with snaps for the arm holes closed to create a swaddle or arms out.

The design of the ergoPouch was intended to make sleep easier and nights better because, who doesn’t want a nights rest?

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Hello Gorgeous- Sweet Ellie Sue Swaddles

August 16, 2016

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August 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 3.55.11 PM

Co-sleeping. One of the most debated words surrounding the logics of doctoring conflicted with the Granolas and the unbelievers. You know, the ones who believe that co-sleeping is better because of late night feeding and essentially no waking up during the night. Uh, guilty. Or the ones who realize the worst but don’t ever become educated on the best. So we know that co-sleeping is a big no-no from anyone in any medical profession, i.e. Pediatricians.

I wrote this because I want information out there about the co-sleeping world and why we choose this.

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