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Baby Elephant Ears

March 17, 2017


Baby Elephant Ears is by far one of the most comforting products we have tried. Both of my children, like many others, have hated their car seats since day one and no matter what we did in our car they continuously had a fit. We received Baby Elephant Ears and it instantly changed the way our son felt in his car seat. He was calm, snug and felt suddenly at ease. While this neat little pillow did help with fits in the car seat due to comfort, it also helped with head support for us. Our 6 month old is in the 99th percentile and up until findingĀ Baby Elephant EarsĀ we had no option for head support for him. His noggin fit in nothing!

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Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat

November 30, 2016

The Nuna Pipa Infant car seat is one of the sleekest seats on the market, with a Dream Drape, practically dummy proof installation and being one of the lightest seats out there, it’s no wonder that the Nuna Pipa is becoming a must-have for parents.

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Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat

February 24, 2016

It’s no lie that I’m addicted to baby goods and car seats are one of those things I love to try out so it was inevitable we would review the Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat (which we also have for sale). 

The Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat is usually dubbed the “celebrity car seat” likely because of the unique paparazzi cover but status aside, this is one of the most up-to-date, safest seats on the market. Plus- you’ll never guess who makes them! 
A few specifics we look for in our car seats are with safety always in mind. Side infant protection is important as is the buckle closures, minimum and maximum weight and always the comfort because if bebe isn’t comfortable then no one is happy. Let’s not forget the car seat weight itself though!

Check out that side protection we mentioned!

The Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat is quite sturdy and comes in at around 10 pounds for the seat itself. The base is quite heavy though which is assuring because of its unique safety points. 

The Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat base has a twist into position attachment leading to extreme accuracy. Let me say, this base is not going anywhere when attached as directed. 

We are a big fan of the Ergo baby brand so it is no surprise to us that the Orbit Baby Infant seat would be anything less than amazing!

The materials of the Orbit Baby are designed safer than any other seat on the market, for that delicate touch on your Littles skin from day one. We love that everything is curated so careful, even down to the paparazzi shade!


  • Durable
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Seat rotates
  • Travel system optional
  • Strap holders
  • Easily cleaned


  • Paparazzi shade can be tough putting up
  • The Carey handle seems to gather a bit in the middle, also gets worn down easily

Recommended for: We recommend the Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat for families with larger vehicles and lovers of the all-inclusive travel systems . We love the versatility of the   Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat and the many uses for it. The rotating ability makes any transition an ease! This is a great carseat for families bringing their newest addition home!

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