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Bambino Mio | Changing the World One Nappy at a Time

June 15, 2017

Bambino Mio

We are huge cloth diapering advocates at Little Gummi and we have been thrilled to partake in  The Great Dad Challenge from Bambino Mio. This is a brand that has taken the cloth diapering world by storm with their award winning products that are designed to protect baby’s bum as much as it is the environment. Their aim is to bring superior customer service and products that will enable you to focus solely on the joys of parenthood. This shines through each nappy and the kindness behind the brand.

As part of The Great Dad Challenge we were given 5 challenges, one each day as part of a way to incorporate fatherhood into the cloth diapering world of uncanny messes and making cloth mainstream!


For this challenge we really capitalized on testing performance over anything else and found that Bambino Mio truly outdid their diapers from strong velcro to strong performance. One of the aspects we closely followed was the soft material on our sons skin. Because he has eczema sometimes different materials can flare it up and we were so happy that Bambino Mio has created a lush fabric delicate enough for even the most allergen ridden skin.

We absolutely adore the Miosolo and think it is a great fit and great alternative to get you started in your cloth nappy journey!


This challenge was all about testing and trying Bambino Mio Miosolo out on the go. We took our nappy downtown and hit the shops and dining without having an ‘uh-oh’ moment of “did Miller get water on him…or?” which was awesome! Bambino Mio also makes a super sleek and compact wet bag so when you do have that dire need to change the diaper, you have a leak proof bag that will handle all your needs!


As we wrap up the overnight challenge (too early, I might add! Where does the energy in these kids come from?!) We were very pleased to see that these nappys held up with our 6-8 hour sleep session and came out on top. We usually have to change the sheets for our son when he wakes up as he is a very heavy night soaker but when adding the Mioboost it really maximized protection. For overnight I would try to limit any extremely long spans of usage so you don’t have a leak but we were pretty pleased overall!


The sound of my washing machine going and the smell of soapy clean suds. Am I the only one that likes that?! We are not usually super picky about changing up brands for laundering our cloth nappies but Iove how fresh the miofresh is! Hence the name, eh?! As we complete our weeks challenge we are preparing for many more uses of our cloth diapers from Bambino Mio and their ever-so perfect designs.


We have absolutely loved partaking in The Great Dad Challenge and all of the daily activities we got to try out in doing so. Bambino Mio is giving away a start pack complete with

15 x miosolo all-in-one diapers
160 mioliners (biodegradable diaper liners)
26 oz of miofresh (diaper cleanser)
1 x pack of miowipes (natural baby wipes)
3 x mioboost (diaper boosters)
1 x diaper pail
2 x laundry bags
1 x reusable plastic tub

Click the photo below to enter!

Bambino Mio

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Baby Bits | Making Your Own Wipes

May 23, 2017


A really big interest at Little Gummi has been reusable baby wipes. We have tried the cloth diaper wipes previously but we were not exactly sure how to make that work until we came across Baby Bits which is a fantastic company built upon home made diaper wipes with an extensive topic of usage.
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Featured Brand: Charlie Banana All New Nappies

April 20, 2017

Charlie Banana

We choose cloth diapering for many reasons; it’s better for the environment, safer for new bums, no harsh chemicals and of course their amazing capabilities to get us through the nastiest of jobs. Charlie Banana is giving us even more reasons to love cloth with their brand new nappies. The eco-friendly brand launched with a mission to change the way parents feel about using disposables with a goal that 50% of parents will eventually switch to cloth and we stand right behind them at Little Gummi.

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BumGenius Original 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review

February 10, 2017

BumGenius Original 5.0

As one of the fastest growing cloth diapering brands, BumGenius won the cloth diapering world over with the BumGenius Original 4.0 and we had to jump in on the new 5.0 bum action!
As avid cloth diapering advocates, we had to try the 5.0 out for ourselves and see what the fuss was all about.
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G Diapers Cloth Diaper

June 18, 2016

 g Diapers in orange and green colors
G Diapers have been with us from the start as we purchased the newborn bundle for our Little.
One of my favorite aspects of G Diapers is how it grows so well with your bebe. The newborn bundle contains only disposables however once growing out of those you can choose between cloth inserts or continuing the disposables.

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Charlie Banana

July 27, 2015

Cloth diapering is at times a difficult journey and finding brands like Charlie Banana really makes the ease into cloth diapering a comfortable experience. As new parents we are always facing obstacles with finding brands that perfectly fit our lifestyle, which is how Little Gummi originated; we wanted to help other parents, new or seasoned.

When we were presented with the opportunity to do a story on Charlie Banana I jumped at it immediately. Not only are they a Shop Healthy partner but they are a brand that we use daily in our home.

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Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Review

April 11, 2015

Sloomb cloth diapers made from hemp and or wool for little gummi

I’m going to start off saying Sloomb is my all time favourite cloth diaper as far as legitimacy goes. Sloombs are as close to original as it gets. We love their hemp, organic cotton and wool blends and because of this material the Sloomb diapers seem to clean better but also become softer after every wash. Sloomb seems to be one of the softer diapers we have put on our bebe and even the wool blend is good for new skin.
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GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Review


GroVia Hybrid cloth diapers is a favorite for dad. Possibly the favorite out of every cloth diaper we have used. We didn’t use GroVia for the longest time but once our girl hit 12 pounds we have been obsessed ever since. I personally think out of all the cloth diaper brands, GroVia is the least expensive and seems to be the most organic. Of course you’re going green when choosing to do cloth anyway, but with their hybrid shells and 100% organic cloth inserts there’s nothing better.

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