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Code & Go Robot Mouse | Learning Resources

April 15, 2017

Code and Go Robot Mouse

In an era of a huge robotic birth, it seems really fitting that we introduce our children to the world of coding and technological exploration. At Little Gummi we really support the advancements of what technology has become and one of the earliest ways you can introduce that to your Little is through the Code & Go Robot Mouse by Learning Resources. This mouse and its track is a great modern day rendition of Classical Conditioning, only in this case it occurs through coding and technology. We promise you will spend more time interacting and playing than thinking!
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Dad Play™

Sassy Play Gym- Exciting the Senses

March 25, 2017

Sassy Play GymAs the avid toy junkies that we are, you can never start your Little off too young. We love hanging around in play gyms so getting the Sassy Play Gym was like adding another member to the Little Gummi family. Anything that is monochromatic is a winner because it will effortlessly fit in with our decor but works out great for those newborn eyes that are attracted intensely to contrast. The Sassy Play Gym is one of the more unique play gyms in that the mat is constructed of a soft plush-like fabric comfortable enough for the most delicate of Little skin.
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Peekaboo Barn Game by Educational Insights

March 18, 2017

Peekaboo Barn

It’s no denying that it is the age of technology and more and more apps (such as Peekaboo Barn) and electronics are becoming available to toddlers and even babies. When we were expecting our first, we knew immediately that we didn’t want our daughter glued to a tablet or television but rather learning through hands on activities. Flash forward 2 years and we won’t deny, sometimes things are just easier done when the kids are occupied (Mrs. Obama says it’s okay(; sometimes!) but that doesn’t mean that distraction is fully technological- the ever-so-popular Peekaboo Barn App has hit the shelves in a hands-on 3D game and we are excited to announce it on Little Gummi

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