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Baby Butz Bum Cream | Kicking Rashes in the Bum

August 7, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Baby Butz. All statements remain my own.

With summer reaching its hottest points this usually means more swimming and (tentatively) more outings. As a cloth diapering family, sometimes extensive heat can cause prolonged changes to not go so well. By this, I very much mean rashes! Sometimes these can be unavoidable and always pesky to deal with. We are really excited to bring you a sponsored post from Baby Butz! While the cream is not cloth diaper safe, it is bum safe and effectively relieves sore and chapped bummies. We are completely obsessed!
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Baby Bits | Making Your Own Wipes

May 23, 2017


A really big interest at Little Gummi has been reusable baby wipes. We have tried the cloth diaper wipes previously but we were not exactly sure how to make that work until we came across Baby Bits which is a fantastic company built upon home made diaper wipes with an extensive topic of usage.
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Tottigo Pack ‘n Potty

May 10, 2017

Tottigo Pack'n'Potty

We all know the dreadfulness that is potty training and we all know the stress of routines which go hand-and-hand come that time in your parenting career. As much as we would like to blame everything on Daylight Savings and it’s corruption on our kids routines, this may be the only case that it can’t take the blame for. Tottigo broke the mold and developed a tool to bring potty training on the go with you. This means keeping with a routine and maintaining that (hopefully) good potty training habit you have going.

Let’s call the Tottigo Pack ’n Potty an algorithm breaker, if you will.

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Buncha Farmers

March 20, 2017

If spring is synopsis for cleaning then Buncha Farmers is a brand you don’t want to miss. For cloth diapering parents such as ourselves here at Little Gummi, we struggle to find that perfect product that will really clean our cloth nappies but is simultaneously great for health and earth conscious minds. A lot of methods for stripping nappies can include products that you would never want in contact with your Littles skin and why use cloths when you’ll have to use a harsh chemical to deep clean them? Buncha Farmers makes a great product called the Stain Stick which is commonly used for regular household needs but fairly niche to the cloth diapering world

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Baby Backups – Not All Messes are Messy

March 14, 2017

baby backupsBaby Backups will be the only poop involved backup for your baby that you will ever want, guaranteed!

We were at a new/expecting parents dinner a while back and one of the commons jokes was how new parents were obsessed with poo and we certainly fell right in to that statistic; not with our Littles poo but with how to prevent the mess that quite possibly and almost certainly could happen during those first months.

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What’s in Your B.Box

December 8, 2016

Australian made brand, B.Box has hit our shelf at home in our changing station and we couldn’t be more excited! 

As cloth diapering parents, it is extremely difficult to find products that accommodate our lifestyle, let alone compliment it! B.Box is a creative little company that makes this diaper caddy which transitions in to an activity caddy, or whatever your heart desires once diapering days our over. 

Here’s the scoop:
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The Cloth Diapering Extravaganza!

February 10, 2015

Pondering the thought of my first blog post, it only seemed fitting to write about cloth diapering.
When we first found out we were expecting it was none the less a surprise and while I personally believe there is no way to ever be fully prepared for a little, I also believe you can very well be under-prepared.
As we weighed out our options and expenses it was almost natural for us to decide on cloth diapering -pun unintended.
With that decision came little to know knowledge on the matter. We did zero research and had no idea on brands, snap less diapers, overnights or pre-folds. Google anyone?
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