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Babycup | Baby and Toddlers First Cups

April 6, 2017


At some point or another I’m sure you’ve heard about toilet training techniques to implement as early as 4 months. If not, don’t worry, we were a bit scared of that too! Early learning can be a frightening thing, especially for new parents. Sara Keel, the momma behind Babycup understood this and came up with a less far fetched idea. Her name-to-fame lies within training your Littles as early as 4 months on a cup. Sounds amazing right?! This can be made entirely possible with Babycup. A UK brand that is recommended by health professionals and parents alike.

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Feeding - Reviews

Featured Brand: Pacific Baby

March 29, 2017

Pacific Baby

When we were expecting our first, we knew right away we wanted to do healthy, clean eating and we wanted to promote it on Little Gummi. As new parents, we knew the options out there for food but that’s where it ended. We didn’t know about organic cotton -or even what it was- we had no clue about bamboo plates or cups and what were silicone bags all about? One question that always arose was ‘why eat organic food if you’re eating it on plastic, BPA filled plates? Pacific Baby was created to solve the problem of healthy eating beyond meals.

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BooginHead SippiGrip and Accessories

March 27, 2017


Miller can reach his toy just as easy as he can throw it

How many times have your kids thrown their cup? Their only cup, out on a walk or at the store that required an immediate wash and it was inevitable they would do it again- cue hand raise! The Woman owned, self-defined brand BooginHead created a grip that attaches around the cup (or toy!) and around any stable ‘arm’ such as a highchair or carseat so when our Little loves want to play fetch, we don’t jump! Here at Little Gummi we know all about the infamous fetch game and we are very excited to talk about this awesome brand.
BooginHead was first designed in 2005 as the leader in innovative products such as the SippiGrip and has since grown into any parents best friend.

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Drink in The Box

March 12, 2017

Drink in the Box

Have you ever had a juice box squeezed all over you? If you answered ‘yes!’ and simultaneously rolled your eyes, then the Drink in the Box is for you. Or, your Little I should say. When we began our juice box adventures, little did we know that everything in our home and car would be quickly acquainted as well and there was no way to prevent it. That is until the Drink in the Box came along.

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