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Beauty Counter | Kids Bath Collection

April 10, 2017

Beauty Counter

Caring for yourself, the kids and the earth through healthy and conscious decisions extends much deeper than just an electric car or organic eating. It also means being aware of what we put on our bodies and there is no other momma out there more dedicated than changing this than  Beauty Counter rep Loren Pudlewski and we are completely intrigued by these products over at Little Gummi

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Autism Awareness Month | Playgro My First Bead Buddy Giraffe

April 5, 2017

Autism Awareness Month

As part of Autism Awareness Month we are really excited to introduce a product each week of the month on Little Gummi. Featuring for the first week, this pint sized Giraffe by Playgro which is a great sensory stimulant for ages 3 months up encouraging critical thinking and promoting auditory development. The Bead Buddy Giraffe can be purchased here at a discounted price!

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BooginHead SippiGrip and Accessories

March 27, 2017


Miller can reach his toy just as easy as he can throw it

How many times have your kids thrown their cup? Their only cup, out on a walk or at the store that required an immediate wash and it was inevitable they would do it again- cue hand raise! The Woman owned, self-defined brand BooginHead created a grip that attaches around the cup (or toy!) and around any stable ‘arm’ such as a highchair or carseat so when our Little loves want to play fetch, we don’t jump! Here at Little Gummi we know all about the infamous fetch game and we are very excited to talk about this awesome brand.
BooginHead was first designed in 2005 as the leader in innovative products such as the SippiGrip and has since grown into any parents best friend.

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Buncha Farmers

March 20, 2017

If spring is synopsis for cleaning then Buncha Farmers is a brand you don’t want to miss. For cloth diapering parents such as ourselves here at Little Gummi, we struggle to find that perfect product that will really clean our cloth nappies but is simultaneously great for health and earth conscious minds. A lot of methods for stripping nappies can include products that you would never want in contact with your Littles skin and why use cloths when you’ll have to use a harsh chemical to deep clean them? Buncha Farmers makes a great product called the Stain Stick which is commonly used for regular household needs but fairly niche to the cloth diapering world

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Baby Elephant Ears

March 17, 2017


Baby Elephant Ears is by far one of the most comforting products we have tried. Both of my children, like many others, have hated their car seats since day one and no matter what we did in our car they continuously had a fit. We received Baby Elephant Ears and it instantly changed the way our son felt in his car seat. He was calm, snug and felt suddenly at ease. While this neat little pillow did help with fits in the car seat due to comfort, it also helped with head support for us. Our 6 month old is in the 99th percentile and up until finding Baby Elephant Ears we had no option for head support for him. His noggin fit in nothing!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash and Shampoo

March 13, 2017

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby has been a brand we have followed and used since I was pregnant with Jensen. As an industry leader in natural and organic herbal products that are safe to use during and after pregnancy, infancy and beyond, it is no wonder the brand has become a favorite among parents and children alike.

As I grew from searching for stretch mark cream to searching for the safest wash for my newborns head,  Earth Mama Angel Baby immediately drew my attention with their Baby Body Wash and Shampoo.
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Drink in The Box

March 12, 2017

Drink in the Box

Have you ever had a juice box squeezed all over you? If you answered ‘yes!’ and simultaneously rolled your eyes, then the Drink in the Box is for you. Or, your Little I should say. When we began our juice box adventures, little did we know that everything in our home and car would be quickly acquainted as well and there was no way to prevent it. That is until the Drink in the Box came along.

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Miracle Wear Snap’n Grow Bodysuits

February 26, 2017

Socks, Sleepers, Swaddles… Miracle Wear Bodysuits. At least, that’s what our ‘registry must haves’ list looks likes! One of the most troublesome things to go through during those primal months of newborn growth are undershirts and bodysuits because lets face it, we use them every day and they go through an uncanny amount of blowouts, spit ups and just plain outgrowth. Are they worth the money? Miracle Wear says “yes!” by offering five for under $13.00 so we put these 100% cotton bodysuits to the test on Miller.

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What Do You Savor?

February 4, 2017

When we had our daughter we were fully prepared to do our keepsake box, our calendar with the cute stickers marking first events and our baby book, you know, the kind that goes all the way through primary school? In fact, we still have those items, only all the stickers are in tact, the keepsake box has nothing but dust and the baby book stopped after we announced the pregnancy. Why? Because life caught up. We kept memories in photos not in words 
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ergoPouch Happy Cosy Baby

December 26, 2016

ergoPouch Little Cozy Baby

We have all heard about the proper baby bedding atttire, only using certain sheets, no bumpers and definitely no additional toys, blankets or pillows in a crib but what we haven’t been told much about is ergoPouch; the clever little solution to a blanket that provides that additional safety to your little without compromising warmth or comfort.

We had the pleasure of testing out an ergoPouch to see what the rave was with our own eyes and I can’t imagine how I ever parented without one! The way ergoPouch works is through a sleep bag (they make other products as well) that is insulated using natural fibers compiled of bamboo, organic cotton and merino. You choose either a summer or winter bag and it can be used in two ways: arms tucked inside with snaps for the arm holes closed to create a swaddle or arms out.

The design of the ergoPouch was intended to make sleep easier and nights better because, who doesn’t want a nights rest?

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