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Bubi | The Scrunchable Multi-use Bottle

May 12, 2017

As we incorporate more products for parents on Little Gummi, we are looking for things that ultimately make parent-life easier throughout the chaotic journey that turns us in to baby maniacs. We want to introduce you to Bubi, the space saving, scrunchable, reusable bottle that can easily fit in your back pocket and will keep everything dry that your Little one doesn’t get to first!

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Austlen Entourage | The Stroller For the Whole Family

Have you ever wondered what the Mercedes-Benz of strollers would look like? At Little Gummi  we had that exact thought until we found the Austlen Entourage. This Austin Texas brand knows exactly what it means to bring luxury in to a non-luxurious industry which is why the Austlen Entourage is fully equipped to handle all of the messes, all of the dirt and all of the kids!

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Tottigo Pack ‘n Potty

May 10, 2017

Tottigo Pack'n'Potty

We all know the dreadfulness that is potty training and we all know the stress of routines which go hand-and-hand come that time in your parenting career. As much as we would like to blame everything on Daylight Savings and it’s corruption on our kids routines, this may be the only case that it can’t take the blame for. Tottigo broke the mold and developed a tool to bring potty training on the go with you. This means keeping with a routine and maintaining that (hopefully) good potty training habit you have going.

Let’s call the Tottigo Pack ’n Potty an algorithm breaker, if you will.

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Baby Sweetooth | The Sweetest Baby Teether Ever

May 8, 2017

Baby Sweetooth

At Little Gummi, one of our most treasured times is when we can introduce ice cream to our babes. I know, super sweet but when dad is an ice cream junky you have to start the good flavors young! If you don’t want your teeny babe having the frozen treat though, at least pretend with Baby Sweetooth, the sweetest teether ever

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Lactamed | Hands Free Pumping Bra

May 7, 2017


As mothers we usually have our hands full the majority of times, rather with children, toys, running a business or making lunches. This can often times be a hassle when it comes to nursing and pumping. As an exclusive nurser, even I find it difficult to just sit back and feed Miller without something else on my mind and while I can’t be doing anything else during our feeding session, I make at least ten lists of things I need to do after. The times I have pumped have always included multi-tasking in various ways and if you read some of my other pumping stories, this also usually includes lots of tears of spilled milk. Lactamed Hands-Free bra understood this when they created their pumping bra for moms like us at Little Gummi.

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Duo Diary | A Wellness Journal for Baby and Momma

May 4, 2017


Duo DiaryHow many times have you gone to your well checks and the pedi asks “How many wet nappies? How long does baby feed? Does baby do her nights yet?” If you answer “uhhh” like we do, then Duo Diary is for you! This wellness journal designed for caregiver and baby makes the daily routines so much easier especially when you really want to pass the quiz from your Littles pediatrician.

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Meiya the Mouse and Alvin the Elephant

April 29, 2017

At Little Gummi we really like environmentally friendly toys so having something as whimsical and pure as the delicate Meiya the Mouse and Alvin the Elephant children’s toys is a really great bonus for us! The momma behind these sweet animals designed them with an envision of replicating the innocence that children posses. This innocence is what gives our Babes the identity of who they are creator, Mano Sheriff captures exactly that with Meiya and Alvin.

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Cozy Blanket Pouch by Revelae | Comfort With Ease

April 28, 2017

The stress of having a newborn can be overwhelming, finding products that work shouldn’t be. Little Gummi is excited to show you the cozy Blanket Pouch by Revelae which is designed to comfort and warm your newborn all the way up to nine months!
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People Toy Company | Mochi Made

April 25, 2017


People Toy CompanyWe have all heard about a baby’s first food being rice cereal, but what about their first toy?! People Toy Company is new to the States and a hit at Little Gummi with their rice made baby and children toys. People Toy Company uses a Japanese rice cake, Mochi, for an extensive line of toys and we got the chance to test some out. These 51% Mochi toys are close to nature and perfect for nurturing.
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Featured Brand: Charlie Banana All New Nappies

April 20, 2017

Charlie Banana

We choose cloth diapering for many reasons; it’s better for the environment, safer for new bums, no harsh chemicals and of course their amazing capabilities to get us through the nastiest of jobs. Charlie Banana is giving us even more reasons to love cloth with their brand new nappies. The eco-friendly brand launched with a mission to change the way parents feel about using disposables with a goal that 50% of parents will eventually switch to cloth and we stand right behind them at Little Gummi.

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