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Austlen Entourage | The Stroller For the Whole Family

May 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the Mercedes-Benz of strollers would look like? At Little Gummi  we had that exact thought until we found the Austlen Entourage. This Austin Texas brand knows exactly what it means to bring luxury in to a non-luxurious industry which is why the Austlen Entourage is fully equipped to handle all of the messes, all of the dirt and all of the kids!

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Reviews - Strollers

Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller

August 26, 2016

Little Gummi G-Link Review

This past season we got the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the Uppababy family, the Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller which hit the market for 2016. The G-Link stroller is unique in the fact it is a double umbrella stroller with two seats that essentially work individually.

Uppababy has always had great specifications that go into each stroller making every individual stroller with the same standards as the next and the G-Link Double Stroller definitely did not fall short.

Something I loved right off the bat was that the Uppababy designed the G-Link with newborns in mind. I have rarely come across an umbrella stroller that has been equipped for smaller babies, let alone a newborn! I give Uppababy high props for this feature!

The Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller is an absolute must for quick outings and families that want a fast and easy stroller concept! Trying the G-link was a blast and opened a brand new door for our expectations in finding an umbrella stroller
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Peg Perego Booklet

August 28, 2015

When we received an opportunity to review the Peg Perego Booklet we jumped on it immediately. This Italian brand is notorious for innovative and top of the line products and the Booklet doesn’t fall short from the hype.

When our Booklet arrived we quickly opened the much anticipated package and with any new model, we did not know much of what to anticipate with the Booklet.

I knew that it had been marketed for easy fold up and a light weight body but we would soon learn the characteristics go beyond that.


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Our Inglesina Net Diaries

June 29, 2015

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Inglesina Net Stroller

June 4, 2015

Inglesina Net Stroller side view
We have been test driving the Inglesina Net Stroller for about a month now and we are just absolutely smitten by it and sad to see it leave our home.

For an umbrella stroller, Inglesina really hit the ball out of the park with the Inglesina Net Stroller. We received the black and white colored material and one thing I noticed when first opening the box was the breathable mesh backing on the stroller seat.
We knew the Inglesina Net Stroller would be a hit!

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Stokke Scoot Stroller

May 28, 2015

Our stroller frenzy continued with the Stokke Scoot and I am certain we love strollers as much as baby carriers and cloth diapers.

The Stokke Scoot was the second stroller we had purchased and as Stokke enthusiast as we self-proclaim, we knew the brand would be great from highchairs to strollers.
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Uppababy Vista Stroller and Bassinet

April 16, 2015

 Our Uppababy love story began with the Mesa infant carseat and continued with the Uppababy Vista and Bassinet. We loved the modern look from the moment we looked at the Uppababy Vista! I knew I wanted it for our soon to be newborn. It might just be the girl in me, but come on, a bassinet? How cute!? It took some convincing on my part but dad finally agreed and so our stroller journey began!

Something I loved right off the bat was that the Uppababy Vista included the bassinet along with the seat, while competing brands generally sell this separately or otherwise have a material for both and you have to ‘build’ it. We definitely give the Uppababy Vista mad points for this feature.

The Uppababy Vista is an absolute investment must!
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