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SoapSox | Bath Time Plush for the Anxious Bather

February 23, 2017

This sweet little Hippo by SoapSox is one of the most clever bathtime designs we have come across. Our daughter is the typical anti-bather and anti-washer as far as the 2yo criteria goes and as fate may have it, under no circumstance shall her hair be washed…until the SoapSox came along. 
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Angelcare Bathtub

December 26, 2016

If you have been a follower of Little Gummi since our launch date last year, you’ll know we have a thing for baby tubs and that continued until we found the perfect baby bath from Angelcare! It’s not your typical tub in that it is designed to fit inside of a bigger bath tub so Baby is not wading in a tub of water. With little holes throughout the body of the bath seat, there is always clean water running over your little to ensure the most freshness possible.
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Boon Naked Bathtub Review

February 19, 2016


I have to say, when we purchased the Boon Naked Bathtub it was really off impulse. We knew little to nothing about Boon and were in need of a quick bath tub for our Little because the kitchen sink just wasn’t cutting it. We love all things modern at our house and this screamed sleek; a two incline bath tub with simplistic measures? Yes please.

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Stokke Flexi Bath Review

March 31, 2015




Stokke Flexi Bath for little gummi
When we were looking into tubs for our Little we had come across the Stokke Flexi Bath more than once but for one reason, or another, we never purchased the Stokke Flexi Bath until recently.
We have a Little who loves bath time and loves splashing around and it has come to the point that we need something deeper so water isn’t all over the place. A nice feature about the Stokke Flexi Bath is
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4Moms Infant Tub 

March 27, 2015

4Moms baby bath tub for little gummi

Unfortunately, our 4Moms Infant Tub didn’t make it too far out of the box.

We believe in compact products for modern families and urban living and we thought that the 4Moms Infant Tub, although bulky, would fit in quite well; however, when we brought this home we discovered it
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