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The Cloth Diapering Extravaganza!

February 10, 2015

Pondering the thought of my first blog post, it only seemed fitting to write about cloth diapering.
When we first found out we were expecting it was none the less a surprise and while I personally believe there is no way to ever be fully prepared for a little, I also believe you can very well be under-prepared.
As we weighed out our options and expenses it was almost natural for us to decide on cloth diapering -pun unintended.
With that decision came little to know knowledge on the matter. We did zero research and had no idea on brands, snap less diapers, overnights or pre-folds. Google anyone?

We set out our search at a local baby store and came home with two different brands, unknowingly.
A few weeks later I quickly learned from a sister-in-law and mother of five that BumGenuis and G Diapers were in fact not the same brand. What? I blamed that one on pregnancy brain.
The search went on. We ended up with three -soon to be six- unusable diapers from BumGenuis and a whopping 82 dollars worth of inserts that we had no need for, along with a starter box of G Diapers, varieties of sizes for disposable inserts and a minute amount of actual cloth inserts, because if the outside of the diaper is cloth then that still counts, right?
The frustrations forge on. Our now 10wk old has had a long diapering journey with an even longer story to tell. When we figure(d) it all out we purchase 3 Sloomb diapers that we fall in love with that are a size too big, because that 14 pounder is really only 11 pounds.
If you haven’t read my ‘Retrospect’ tab, something that I try to avoid and I absolutely abhor is looking up answers on the net. When I came across various web sources I found myself thinking while this is what worked for the writer, it didn’t necessarily work for me and after all that was the reason I researched; to find something that fit my needs.
To read my reviews on Sloomb, G Diapers or BumGenius simply click on the term or go to the home page and search.

Note that we have not tried all of the options for each brand but we have acquainted ourselves enough with the brand to know what works specifically for us and you should get well of enough of an idea to figure out the same.