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Magnetic Dress Up Doll from HABA

August 12, 2017

We absolutely love fun toys and we give mad bonus points if they are relatively mess free and will occupy the kids longer than a box would (so, what an hour maybe? I mean those boxes are the best) and the HABA Dress-Up Doll is a Little Gummi hit!

One of my favorite memories as a little kid was playing with magnetic dolls and I love having the ability to pass that on to Jensen. The HABA Dress-Up Doll comes with 54 magnetic dress-up pieces ranging from hats to shoes, a sun and even a little puppy! Which we aptly named after our German Shepherd, Poppy! I love that there are 4 different backgrounds -two sheets with a scene on each side. My absolute favorite scene is the school scene and the little magnetic clock to go with it.

Jensen is 2 and although it is recommended for ages 3 and up, she has no issue with them whatsoever. It really is our go-to toy especially in the car! Because it comes in a tin-can it is perfect for the car and the scene sheets can be placed on the bottom of the can (it’s deep!) so there won’t be any spills… Unless you have a baby brother that is a walking destroyer, that is.
The doll and magnetic accessories are very sturdy, much more so than paper dolls and I love that they are quality made. We haven’t had any rips or tears on ours even during it’s baby survival mode. I have seen magnetic dolls that start peeling and we are so relieved that the HABA Dress-Up Doll is great quality and has no issues with this.

You can even purchase a 3D Lillie doll, like the magnetic version! We are huge HABA fans and are so excited to have a great on-the-go and at home product to keep Jensen entertained!

Purchase your very own, er, for your kiddo (wink) Dress-Up Doll here

HABA Dress-Up Doll