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World Turtle Day

May 23, 2017

We are really excited at Little Gummi to feature some great products for World Turtle Day! We have partnered with Learning Resources to bring to you two of the cutest turtle toys you and your little could lay eyes on.


Snap-n-Learn Number Turtles – Learning Resources

Snap-n-Learn Turtles

Our Daughter was swooning over these momma and baby turtles from the moment she saw the package. One of our favorite concepts about Learning Resources is how apt they are about incorporating family aspects into fun, educational toys. You get the value of learning along with the idea of family units. These Snap-n-Learn Turtles will help your little one learn shapes, numbers, colors, and so much more. These are intended for as young as 2 (Jensen is now 2.5) and they will definitely keep your active toddler interested for a while. Jensen loves playing with mommy and baby animals and the Snap-n-Learn turtles certainly don’t fall short at our house.
They work great in matching the colors on the little turtle to the big turtle and then finding the numbers as well!

Snap-n-Learn Turtles


Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles – Learning Resources

Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles

There is no better way to learn about turtles than in the water! The Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles are a fun way to introduce these little creatures into your childs ever growing mind of curiosity. Water play is a great way to capture attention and at the same time keep your children entertained. Both of our kiddos love being in the water and if we can keep them entertained for even a moment longer, it makes things go so much smoother.  The Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles teach your Littles in or out of the tub with fun ways to learn shapes and color recognition as well as matching shapes to their “shells”. the Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles feature moon, star, cross, circle, square, rectangle, triangle and oval shapes and are great for children 2 and over.

Smart Splash Shape Shell Turtles


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