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Baby Butz Bum Cream | Kicking Rashes in the Bum

August 7, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Baby Butz. All statements remain my own.

With summer reaching its hottest points this usually means more swimming and (tentatively) more outings. As a cloth diapering family, sometimes extensive heat can cause prolonged changes to not go so well. By this, I very much mean rashes! Sometimes these can be unavoidable and always pesky to deal with. We are really excited to bring you a sponsored post from Baby Butz! While the cream is not cloth diaper safe, it is bum safe and effectively relieves sore and chapped bummies. We are completely obsessed!

A really big factor in our diaper rash ointment choosing process is finding out which brand is the best for our eczema ridden Littles. We love that the hypoallergenic, fast acting (hold on to your diapers, this works in as little as 4-6hour!!!) Baby Butz Cream contains no fragrances or alcohol and is chemical free. It is really important that we are careful with what our kiddos get exposed to and because rash creams are one of the most common things we may use, choosing a trusted one is very important.
Baby Butz cream is EWG rated #1 and 100% natural. The cream is trusted to be gentle enough for neonatal units and is recommended by pediatricians, nurses and pharmacists everywhere! And of course, Little Gummi highly recommends it!

I love that Baby Butz cream comes in a container (small tub) as opposed to a tube because you really are able to use just as much as needed and not waste any…or, get it everywhere if you’re like us. cough cough. The overnight barrier helps prevent rashes before they start so go on and get a head start on preventing and relieving sore bums now and shop the link below for your Little’s very own Baby Butz Cream!

Baby Butz Cream