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What’s in Your B.Box

December 8, 2016

Australian made brand, B.Box has hit our shelf at home in our changing station and we couldn’t be more excited! 

As cloth diapering parents, it is extremely difficult to find products that accommodate our lifestyle, let alone compliment it! B.Box is a creative little company that makes this diaper caddy which transitions in to an activity caddy, or whatever your heart desires once diapering days our over. 

Here’s the scoop:

we can fit a total of 6 cloth diapers in just one of the three sections (four sections of you use divider) that are built into the B.Box. I haven’t totaled a complete number of disposable diapers that fit in the same section, but it’s somewhere around 14-20 and that just blows my mind!

You get a drawer with a shallow bucket section above it and on the opposing side is a larger bucket like section that comes with a divider to separate wipes from nappies or in our case, soothers/rattles and bathing accessories. 

B.Box launched in 2009 in Australia and grew world wide, becoming a leader in baby gear, internationally. Winning many awards it’s no wonder this company is a hit! 

With BPA, Phthalates and PVC free gear, you can entrust B.Box for safe and healthy products for home and environment. 

B.box has products ranging from this awesome caddy all the way to feeding and travel or on-the-go. Check out their website below and stay connected via social media for excited news!
Web site address: www.bboxbaby.com


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