Mealtime Amusemat with Marcus&Marcus

November 20, 2017

Mealtime is generally a really big stressor in our home as Jensen was diagnosed as Failure to Thrive. She has always been on the small side and at our last pediatrician visit this past spring it really hit home for us. After tears, tests, endless hours of occupational and food therapy and learning how to make mealtime fun and experimental, we met our goal! She is nearing the weight to get her back on her growth curve and our meals are gradually becoming a more customary part of her interest.

As we slowly approach a smooth mealtime routine we have been lucky to be introduced to Marcus&Marcus and their BPA/Phthalate Free, dishwasher safe Amusement Mats and Learning Chopsticks. The silicone Amusemat is a particular favorite of ours as it really promotes food play and sparks interest in eating. It is so heart-pulling that the simplest of products can hit so close to home for our struggles and effortlessly help us achieve our ending goal. Food play is not something that we had previously encouraged in our home because eating was such an emotional struggle as is. When our food therapist had recommended the Marcus&Marcus Amusemat we immediately hopped on board for a sponsored post. At Little Gummi, we love to promote and share products that actually work for us and we know will work for you. One of the most joyous moments are knowing that your Little is thriving and growing and with tears streaming down face as I share just a tidbit of our unknown, private struggle, it also brings me happiness knowing that there are amazing products that truly help children and families going through similar experiences as our own.

Even if you don’t share the scenario that we do, the Marcus&Marcus Amusemat will bring so much fun to any Little. Jensen loves watching her food go down the ‘slide’ and hop in the ‘pool’ and for the moment it brings fun to mealtime and takes the stress away from Mama!
Couple the Amusemat with the Learning Chopsticks and you get a super fun and safe culinary experience. Jensen is nearing 3 and has no issue using her Learning Chopsticks on anything that she is able to. The Food-Grade, Silicone Learning Chopsticks are BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free materials and promote a great way to teach and learn.

Both the Learning Chopsticks and Amusemat are available from Marcus&Marcus here or using the shop link below and include a variety of themes and colors to fit any Little’s need!