CLEARinse | From Mom Cold to Man Cold and Everything In Between

October 7, 2017

The transitioning of seasons brings on many things; Pumpkin Spice everything, oversized sweaters and if you’re like me, bonfires and outdoor fun. With all of the beauty in the changing seasons, comes also the not so fun colds that no one talks about. Sure we all love the rustling leaves and sometimes that’s enough to risk the chance of high ranking allergies but when you have a simple solution like CLEARinse Nasal Cleansing System it makes any outdoor activity bearable.

The CLEARrinse Nasal Cleansing System is available at your local CVS drugstore and makes the transitioning seasons so much easier. Developed by an ER pediatrician, CLEARinse works seamlessly on babies and parents alike.

It had been carefully developed to help clear up blocked and stuffy noses so you and your babes can breath with ease. Even though it works on any clogged nose, we think it is especially magical on the all powerful Man Cold! Yes, here you have the very first solution for the debilitating Man Cold (wink, wink).
In all seriousness, I love that it is compact enough to take on trips with us for the unpredicted allergies but sturdy enough to tackle even the nastiest of clogged noses.

One of the many reasons CLEARinse Nasal Aspirator is leading the industry for pediatric remedies is because of its gentle approach to alleviating symptoms that no other system can do. Competing products do not have the right amount of flow (too much, too little) that either ineffectively do the job or pose health risks from improperly doing the job. CLEARinse takes great delicacy matched with effectiveness to gently clear a stuffy nose on a little babe (or a man cold) without damaging or causing any harm. Bulbs and syringes certainly can’t stand up to CLEARinse as they lack the suction power needed to get the job done.
We are big fans of oral suction devices to clean out nose nasties but with this comes the issue of germ transmission that can be missed in between cleanings and also the additional expenses on filters which are required after each use. Oral suction devices don’t irrigate whereas CLEARinse does, which leaves un-chapped skin behind and takes out the nasties.