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Baby Elephant Ears

March 17, 2017


Baby Elephant Ears is by far one of the most comforting products we have tried. Both of my children, like many others, have hated their car seats since day one and no matter what we did in our car they continuously had a fit. We received Baby Elephant Ears and it instantly changed the way our son felt in his car seat. He was calm, snug and felt suddenly at ease. While this neat little pillow did help with fits in the car seat due to comfort, it also helped with head support for us. Our 6 month old is in the 99th percentile and up until finding Baby Elephant Ears we had no option for head support for him. His noggin fit in nothing!

We have continuously had an issue with Miller’s head flopping to one side or another of his seat because it is just too big for the support that came with the seat. Baby Elephant Ears were not designed to solve this issue, per se, but for us they did! Not only is he comfortable but he is sturdy and that means only safer in his seat.

The Baby Elephant Ears are clever in that they are a simple little pillow that is not only stylish but functional. They are designed with two ‘pillows’ on each side and a connecting fabric in the middle. That fabric lays behind the neck and the ‘pillows’ or Ears are pulled down in front of the shoulders to crevice the neck so there is support all around baby and his head.

While we love this product, one thing I did notice at first use, as a newbie was that if not properly adjusted the Ears can cause the head to tilt down toward the chest and in young babies/children this can lead to Asphyxia which is potentially fatal so the Baby Elephant Ears must be adjusted correctly to avoid a hazard. They come with an instruction sheet such as the one below to prevent any issues with usage

Baby Elephant Ears

We are definitely a fan of Baby Elephant Ears and use ours nearly every day! They have saved us in even the smallest of trip with our baby and our toddler has asked for some too!

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Baby Elephant Ears

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