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Baby Sweetooth | The Sweetest Baby Teether Ever

May 8, 2017

Baby Sweetooth

At Little Gummi, one of our most treasured times is when we can introduce ice cream to our babes. I know, super sweet but when dad is an ice cream junky you have to start the good flavors young! If you don’t want your teeny babe having the frozen treat though, at least pretend with Baby Sweetooth, the sweetest teether ever

This company has embarked on an adorable mission to help teething babes get relief in an even cuter way. The 100% silicone teethers exceed standards in the US, Europe and Canada make it a top of line product for sweet relief.

Baby Sweetooth

The Baby Sweetooth Teethers are non-toxic and easy to clean but also really safe. They are molded in one piece so that means no glue and no hazardous pieces that could break apart. Better yet, no mold can get in and grow. We were really reluctant to give our babe any teethers prior to finding Sweetooth because we had issues with mold. The only thing you’ll smell on these little teethers are their sweet vanilla aroma (don’t worry, it’s all subtle) which helps soothe your teething babe and arouses their senses. Think about the vanilla pacifiers from the maternity ward, it’s the same scent! Completely safe.

This company is genuinely amazing and we love the sweet designs (pun intended) of the ice cream cones! They are ergonomically designed to fit perfect in the hands of the smallest babes, as young as 4 months in age! Our son loves chewing on the Baby Sweetooth and even though his is a pretty big guy (97th percentile!) the cute cone fits in his hand just as nicely as it does our toddle -because when you have a teether that also goes up to 24months you use it!

We definitely love Baby Sweetooth and give it our seal of approval for our favorite 2017 Baby Needs. You can purchase your own Made in the USA Baby Sweetooth via the link below!

Baby Sweetooth

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Natural
  • Effectiveness