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Beauty Counter | Kids Bath Collection

April 10, 2017

Beauty Counter

Caring for yourself, the kids and the earth through healthy and conscious decisions extends much deeper than just an electric car or organic eating. It also means being aware of what we put on our bodies and there is no other momma out there more dedicated than changing this than  Beauty Counter rep Loren Pudlewski and we are completely intrigued by these products over at Little Gummi

Sometimes I feel like the products we use can make my skin feel a bit dry and cause our kids eczema to flare up but when it comes to the Beauty Counter Kids Bath Collection, I knew from the moment the silky smooth Not a Knot Conditioner hit my hand that this would be a product we’d immediately want to use with every wash.

The Beauty Counter products as a whole are designed to be some of the safest out there and this didn’t stop when they included baby and kid formulas. Because we do have children with eczema, while the products don’t clear it up, so to speak, I do like that we haven’t seen any flare ups from using the Kids Bath Collection. They are deliciously scented in an orange-vanilla smell that leaves even me wanting some! I find it mild enough so that my son isn’t orange smelling throughout the day. I don’t think the scent is as strong in the conditioner though but aside from smell, the Not a Knot Conditioner works amazing on my curly haired girl. Wrangling curls is tough, especially on a two year old so anything that makes that adventure easier is a definitive plus!

Beauty Counter has this awesome feature called The Never List and on it you will find each itemized ingredient that you’ll never see in an actual Beauty Counter product! They go above and beyond what the minimum requires in Europe and the US and ensure no hidden ingredients. While they cannot completely guarantee zero harsh chemicals (we know it can be hard not to cross-contaminate) they have minimized the levels so drastically as to become a leader in safe products.

See what the rave is for yourself and shop Lorens Beauty Counter below!

Beauty Counter