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BeliBea Nourish Cami | Supporting You From Work to Home

August 22, 2017

As a breastfeeding momma and supporter at Little Gummi, the struggles of finding nursing wear that is convenient yet subtle is very real. I have never been one to nurse in a closed room or bathroom and am generally okay with public feeding (baby’s gotta eat!) but the one thing that has always been a bother for me is having any inkling of body showing during a nursing session. It’s just uncomfortable for me. BeliBea makes a nursing tank top that can easily take that anxiety away!

The BeliBea Nourish Cami is unique in that it allows for easy nursing and discreet pumping. An all-in-one system that can take you from work to home. As a stay at home momma, I don’t pump as much unless it’s to get out some additional liquid gold so I primarily use my BeliBea Nourish Cami as a stand-alone tank or a layering piece. What I love about the Nourish Cami is that you don’t necessarily have to wear a bra with it. The cami has adjustable straps and a ribbed band right under the breast/bra line to provide additional support along with removable pads that shape and add comfort. Nursing undeniably gives us unshapely breast so having a “support system” truly helps maintain sexy femininity while continuing to aid in the always changing nursing boobs. I love the fact I can wear the BeliBea Nourish Cami on its own and still look great.

Let’s talk design: the BeliBea Nourish Cami has two sets of snaps, one which is closer to the shoulder and can be undone to feed right from the breast (with optimum ease!) and the second snap right below that is undone to reveal a layer of fabric with a horizontal opening large enough to fit most shields for pumping.

We are primarily ‘straight from the source’ feeders but I wanted some insight to share on Little Gummi about the pumping feature of the BeliBea Nourish Cami. We use the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump which comes with 2 sizes of shields and I’m really excited to say that both sizes (s/m & L) fit in the BeliBea Nourish Cami horizontal opening for pumping. Because the fabric has some stretch to it while simultaneously resilient, this makes pumping a hands-free experience so you can get virtually anything done -within the span of those pesky pumping cords.

When I am nursing my son he loves to grab everything from my hair to the straps of my shirt. The BeliBea Nourish Cami is designed with that in mind by providing additional panels held with snap closures to keep the cami in place and keep momma safe from exposure.

The BeliBea Nourish Cami is an all-in-one extensive cami that will make things much easier especially for first-timers and comes in sizes that will fit nearly every body type and changing breast.

This post was sponsored and made possible by BeliBea. All statements remain my own.


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