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Drink in The Box

March 12, 2017

Drink in the Box

Have you ever had a juice box squeezed all over you? If you answered ‘yes!’ and simultaneously rolled your eyes, then the Drink in the Box is for you. Or, your Little I should say. When we began our juice box adventures, little did we know that everything in our home and car would be quickly acquainted as well and there was no way to prevent it. That is until the Drink in the Box came along.

As the world’s only reusable drink box, this nifty rectangular cup is designed to replace the juice box that we have come to know and grown to dread which means no more squirting and certainly no more leaking! We tend to gravitate toward apple juice boxes when we go on trips to compensate for the kids having to be in the car and ten times out of ten that box will get thrown somewhere in the car only to be found when our stuff starts sticking to the floor. To have a product that eliminates the mess for parents but is equally exciting for kids is great! 

Drink in the Box is composed of a BPA and Phthalate free material, so you know what you’re giving your child is safe and because it is reusable it eliminates mold that has been known to develop in those cardboard juice boxes. 

Drink in the Box was dreamt up under it’s company Precidio Design who creates drink and food products designed to store and carry, which support healthy dietary needs and are BPA-free- something that is not common in every other brand. Because Precidio Design is passionate about improving the way we use and handle food on a daily basis, their products, like the Drink in the Box are good not only for the consumer but the world as well. Opting for reusable as opposed to disposable is a step closer to a cleaner environment and Precidio Design is lending a hand in making that happen at an affordable cost!

Did you know, purchasing a Drink in the Box and filling it with your own juice or water cost less, helps the environment and prevents spills and leaks as opposed to the normal disposable juice box?!
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Drink in the Box

Available Colors: Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Purple
Age range: 3 years +
Available Sizes: 8 & 12 ounce
MSRP: 8 oz: $11.99; 12 oz: $14.99

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