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ergoPouch Happy Cosy Baby

December 26, 2016

ergoPouch Little Cozy Baby

We have all heard about the proper baby bedding atttire, only using certain sheets, no bumpers and definitely no additional toys, blankets or pillows in a crib but what we haven’t been told much about is ergoPouch; the clever little solution to a blanket that provides that additional safety to your little without compromising warmth or comfort.

We had the pleasure of testing out an ergoPouch to see what the rave was with our own eyes and I can’t imagine how I ever parented without one! The way ergoPouch works is through a sleep bag (they make other products as well) that is insulated using natural fibers compiled of bamboo, organic cotton and merino. You choose either a summer or winter bag and it can be used in two ways: arms tucked inside with snaps for the arm holes closed to create a swaddle or arms out.

The design of the ergoPouch was intended to make sleep easier and nights better because, who doesn’t want a nights rest?

We sure do!

Since we began using the sleep bag from ergoPouch, our 12wk old has had such a great nights sleep. One thing I envied from daughters newborn days was how she did her nights so well and we noticed our son wasn’t just quite on that same track. Needless to say, I’m really excited about our ergoPouch and can’t wait to get my hands on a summer sleep bag!

ergoPouch Happy Cosy Baby

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