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Handsocks | Happiness For Little Hands

April 17, 2017


We all know the struggles of newborn skin and its battle with new baby fingernails. It seemed like both of my kids were born with tiny talons at the ends of their hands and as much as I tried to keep their fast growing nails clipped, scratches still found a way to occur. We put on the mittens and they would always fall off or get pulled off. We would lose a match during laundry or they would just disappear entirely. The struggle was very present and mom Casey Bunn knew this when she came up with Handsocks. These mittens are more than just scratch resistant and they have hit a home at Little Gummi.

Designed with warmth in mind, Handsocks quickly become the ‘Renaissance Man’ of baby apparel with the ability to comfort, warm and protect newborns to toddlers.
Born through the vision of a ski sock, Handsocks work without velcro or snaps and stretch to fit your Little with ease. While all of the styles and sizes work the same in functionality we recommend the newborn size for those crucial days up to 3 months to protect your Littles delicate skin from scratches or irritants.
Both of our kids have eczema and our 6 month old gets more frequent outbreaks so it’s great to have additional coverage for him to protect from any element that could cause his eczema to flair up.
These are not intended for constant use on newborns but are great during the night (which is when mittens should be used for scratches anyway) to keep your Little safe from the fingernail razors and doubling as a warm extra layer!


Because Handsocks create a warm long covering go ahead and use them as an addition to your Littles outside wear during the fall and nippy months! We think this is a great feature of the larger, toddler sizes. Kids are into so much and just like mittens for newborns, outside mittens can get lost so easily. Having something warm that covers your energetic toddlers hand but also won’t get lost when pulled back is an automatic Little Gummi win.

I think we can agree that Handsocks may just be one of our product must-haves for the year, if you weren’t obsessed just yet (but we know you are) then you’ll love their help with charity Orphan’s Promise were a donation is made with each pair sold.
Shop the link below to help your newborn or toddler and do good for other Littles around the nation!


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