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High Performance Dusting and Cleaning Glove by e-Cloth

April 20, 2017

Cleaning Glove

The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance and neither does the dust!

At Little Gummi we believe in healthy living and chemical-free cleaning so we have partnered with an awesome brand, e-Cloth to introduce you to the Cleaning Glove- The only tool to have in your inventory of cleaning supplies.

Check out what Dad Says

“First and foremost, I love how easy it is to use the Cleaning Glove. It’s a one size fits all so by simply fitting the glove on your hand you are ready to go! The glove attracts, holds and cleans dust and dirt and allows for a quick and easy tool for cleaning anything you could imagine- or at least fit your hand around. Don’t fret having to clean blinds, baseboards, furniture and even fans because you are using one product there is less waste and a quick and easy clean up. The versatility in cleaning different objects is truly endless!

Cleaning Glove
The glove can be used dry or moistened with water, but my preference is dry. Also, there are no additional cleaning supplies needed, just a hand and a glove. I am not a fan of using furniture cleaner because I think it’s an unnecessary expense and there is no telling what chemicals you’re spraying on the furniture which can especially hazardous with little kids around.
With the cleaning glove, I can quickly dust my furniture as needed and be done, leaving more time for my wife and two kids.

Cleaning Glove

When I’m finished I Just throw the glove in a washing machine and air dry it! Voila ! You’re ready to go for another round of dusting.

The High Performance Dusting and Cleaning Glove will be available at Ace Hardware on May 1st, you can start changing your cleaning habits too and begin your new journey on safe and effective living and it all starts with those pesky dust bunnies!

Cleaning Glove