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Kid Lid | Put Your Tech in Kid Mode

June 26, 2017


Kid LidIn this day in age, we are no strangers to screen-time fun for our Littles to either occupy during chores or just relax while in the car to give us parents some piece-of-mind. Kid Lid has taken the craft to a whole new level of tech time fun with their clever cases that allow your children to watch their favorite program without interrupting your apps (like deleting your Little Gummi quick-link (; )

We are going crazy over these cases that not only protect the phones and computers but also keep your children from getting in to anything else on your PC such as photos, or spilling crumbs.
Designed with parents in mind, Kid Lid is created to, as they say, with “tyke-proof technology, making tech-related interactions between adults and children enjoyable and educational.” and we could not agree more! I am guilty of easily stressing especially in situations when my toddler wants to watch a program on my phone or use my paint app. Not because I don’t want her to, but because I know the fierceness that resides in those little hands and they have no concept of the value of a phone- monetarily that is. My phone is currently shattered into a million pieces on the screen so I’m not too concerned about the breaking aspect of Jensen using it but the photos on there and the work are big “uh-ohs” for me should she erase something -or even post on Instagram, yikes!


Kid Lid

Kid Lid works in that it eliminates those ‘oops’ moments with a really cool dual functioning case (just one of a few awesome products) that fits on like a normal phone case but the nifty part is that the bottom attachment flips around to cover the home screen button. So when your Little is ready to hit the cartoons all you do is simply remove the bottom piece, flip it around and reattach and your kiddo can watch their show without pushing the home button and getting in to any documents or such.
Check out what Kid Lid says about the Dual Function iPhone Case-

Key Benefits as stated on their site

Kid Mode® Patented functionality keeps children from switching apps
Pressure fit ‘prescription-bottle’ design
Bolstered corners capable of withstanding drop of 4 feet
Low-profile rails for easy texting and screen use
Raised top lip prevents screen damage, no need for screen glass protectors
Full-screen protection mode allows complete protection of the screen during periods of non-use
100% recyclable paper, frustration-free packaging



Kid Lid

Another awesome Kid Lid product is their laptop keyboard cover! Kid Lid takes tech to a whole new level with their keyboard cover. The Kid Lid Laptop Protect Board protects the keyboard while your littles use your computer, it simply slips over the screen of your PC or Mac (virtually any size between 13″ and 15″) and creates a flat and smooth surface to play games on, maybe even have a biscuit on! I’d steer clear of liquids though, unless you want to be daring! The Laptop Protect Board allows for uninterrupted fun such as watching films or having a video chat  without keyboard distraction.
Kid Lid even says it’s the perfect addition for an extra surface on a plane ride and if you have yet to fly with your toddler, this is very, very true!
The Laptop Protect Board is BPA and Phthalate free and dishwasher safe so go ahead and protect your PC goods, have a snack and let Kid Lid do the rest!


WHO NEEDS IT? EVERYONE! We are obsessed with Kid Lid and their innovative products that are designed for kids and built for parents. Shop the link below to ‘Kid Proof your Tech’ and see what all the rage is!

Kid Lid