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Lactamed | Hands Free Pumping Bra

May 7, 2017


As mothers we usually have our hands full the majority of times, rather with children, toys, running a business or making lunches. This can often times be a hassle when it comes to nursing and pumping. As an exclusive nurser, even I find it difficult to just sit back and feed Miller without something else on my mind and while I can’t be doing anything else during our feeding session, I make at least ten lists of things I need to do after. The times I have pumped have always included multi-tasking in various ways and if you read some of my other pumping stories, this also usually includes lots of tears of spilled milk. Lactamed Hands-Free bra understood this when they created their pumping bra for moms like us at Little Gummi.

When I saw the Hands-Free Bra, my initial reaction was “Oh, another cotton/spandex” bra. Don’t for a minute think that! As any pumping/nursing momma knows, those types of bras have really no support and when you have saggy milk boobs they can be horribly unflattering. Lactamed is not at all like that. While it is made of the same spandex/cotton material as those night bras with no shape, it is completely different. As soon as I put on the Lactamed Hands-Free I noticed an immediate difference. It comes with padded cups to help shape but even with the cups out, it fit just like a normal bra. I didn’t have a uni-boob and not once did the bra lose shape. I was completely shocked. How could there be a product this comfortable and yet so supportive all in one?!


Full disclosure aside, the Lactamed is more than just a bra; it is truly a pumping moms breast friend. A really great design feature of being hands-free is to encourage more breast stimulation through massaging while pumping. This in turn will prompt an emptying of the breast and tell your body to make more milk which should amp supply. If you nurse, it is similar to how your Little sort of kneads your breast while feeding as if to say hey I’m here and I want more!
This can be especially helpful for preemie mommas to kick up their supply as well as working moms who need enough milk to last during the day. What’s even more great? There is an included manual in over 20 languages so the knowledge is available to many mothers out there, giving the ability to increase supply naturally through massaging.

We love the Lactamed Hands-Free Bra and the ability it gives for easy pumping but also for nursing. While it is just a bit different than traditional nursing bras, it works perfect and I love the shape that it gives me when wearing it with day-wear as opposed to bras of the same composition. Simply unclip the top hook and you’re ready to nurse or pop in your pumping flanges for a hands-free session of pumping (along with the Simplicity Hands-Free Bra, of course!) it’s is as easy as that.
It truly is amazing to find something so flattering without all the wiring. I definitely recommend the Lactamed Hands-Free Bra and their Simplicity Hands-Free Bra to any new or seasoned momma out there. Gift it, or get it for yourself below!