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Lansinoh Double Electric Smart Pump

May 15, 2017

Settling in as a new, or seasoned parent can arise many questions. The baby world is always changing and improving and that doesn’t stop with breast pumps. From the original 1800’s hand pump “governed by feeling and intelligence” to todays pump that is smart phone compatible, there’s no wonder this hot market item is always changing to adapt to us, the mothers, the feeders and the providers. Lansinoh is leading the industry with their Double Electric Breast Pump and we had to share.

When I began my primarily breastfeeding and sometimes pumping journey in 2014 with the birth of our daughter, I was nervous and confused and sometimes felt a bit alone in the process. I didn’t know anything about pumps or pumping and had no idea there could be such a thing as latching issues. Thankfully, we never had that problem and it wasn’t until well after our journey began that I knew it existed but as a whole, I was truly naive to it all.
Our first pumping stint is so vividly marked in my mind as it was also when each bit of my milk got poured out from the pump slipping and bag falling over.
Pumping for me was not for necessity but rather convenience. We never left for long periods that required Jensen to be fed out of a bottle, nor did she want that, but I dreamed up a stash of milk that would take us past the nursing days and continue our breastfeeding journey after weaning. When I lost my milk from the spilled bag on that November day, I stopped pumping all together. It was a huge let down and prompted the feeling that the milk spilled could of nourished my baby had I not tried to pump.

Flash forward to now with the birth of my second child and my thoughts on pumping to save for the days when we wean still very much remain a dream of mine. Lansinoh has a nifty little all electric pump that connects directly to their free app via bluetooth and set-up is super easy. Once connected you can track the amount you have pumped, in each breast (!) as well sync the time pumped. You can log reminders, keep charts and review data and history of pumping sessions. Trust us though, it’s not as analytical as it sounds! In fact, it’s easier than setting up most fitness apps!  And go ahead and scroll Instagram while you’re pumping because the Lansinoh SmartPump is equipped for use with batteries (along with the option for included a/c adapter) for an on-the-go pumping experience.

Designed with moms in mind, the Lansinoh SmartPump is great for mommas on the go. Getting nutrient enriched milk for your baby shouldn’t be painful, it shouldn’t feel like a chore and it should mimic the natural suctions and movements of human nursing. Lansinoh will ensure all of those things with their SmartPump. With 3 pumping styles and 8 levels of suction power, it’s easy to get close to your own baby’s natural feeding pattern, which in turn will help to maximize milk production.
The pump comes with 2 sizes of flanges to fit virtually any nipple comfortably. I opted for the smaller sized opening on the flange and loved how right away it created a suction free of pain and customized to my sons suckle.
The Lansinoh SmartPump is BPA and BPS free with a closed system that keeps milk from entering tubing or motor to create an ultimately hygienic pump.

We love the features of the Lansinoh SmartPump and as an exclusively breastfeeding momma, this pump makes my moments of milk through pump so much easier than I could have imagined. The quality and attention to detail in relation to a mommas emotions is told right from the first use.

Shop the link below for your very own, or see if this pump is covered by your insurance -yep, you read right. Lansinoh works with insurance companies to provide mommas a necessary pump!


This post was sponsored and made possible by Lansinoh. All statements remain my own.
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