Mommin’ Ain’t Easy | Nugeni Steam-Pac Is

September 3, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Nugeni. All statements remain my own.

As parents of toddlers, cleaning can be almost as difficult as parenting itself. Let’s not lie, we have to keep up a great appearance for those insta photos, right?! Little Gummi maintains the rush with the Nugeni Steam-Pac which is the ultimate handheld steamer for your everyday needs.

Nugeni maintains and upholds their reputation with their Mobile Steamer Cleaning Kit. We are big fans of steaming as opposed to basically anything else and was we prepare our home for moving, cleaning is a big, big factor for us! We successfully cleaned our entire Studio and only refilled our Nugeni Steam-Pac twice! Not only can Nugenia take on your wardrobe but it also goes from home to even car.

The innovative and leading design has been scientifically proven in eliminating dust, germs and bacteria without any chemicals and water alone. The high efficiency system heats the water up quickly and effectively while allowing you to clean and reach even the dirtiest of places (not that our houses get *that* dirty, right?!). A huge plus for me is the ability to control how much steam I am outputting depending on the job. For example, steaming a shirt would require less output than say, my endless black hole of a car. If you’re cleaning grime in a bathroom, you are able to turn it all the way up and easily clean and sanitize!
Steam cleaning is a near effortless way to remove any sort of dirt. I love cleaning but I hate nasty jobs and especially doing dishes with wet food on them. We have a dishwasher of course, but our All-Clad pans have to be hand washed and whenever we need to spruce them up we love to whip out the steamer. The included attachments for the Nugeni Steam-Pac make all of these jobs so much easier and readily available to be tackled.

An added bonus? My newly 1 year old loves to try his hand at cleaning. Of course the steamer is too hot to actually let him clean -trust me, I’d do it!- it is endlessly cute watching him drag the attachment around and try to help momma and papa clean the floor!

Now to just get our hands on the Nugeni vacuum and throw out our broken one!