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Precidio | The Multi Flask for a Filled Day

July 20, 2017

Parenting has some interesting gigs (especially at Little Gummi) to it and certainly a lot of aspects that follow along. Rather it is going to the gym for some well spent ‘me time’ (what’s that??) or hitting the park and the soccer games, the taxi doesn’t stop so why should you? Precidio has this awesome Total Hydration solution for all of your daily needs; The Multi Flask!

The beloved makers of Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box have brought to us The Multi Flask . The Multi Flask is unique in that it is a six in one system which adapts according to your need or mood. The ability to have a cup of Joe to start off the morning and then clean and add some infused water for the gym was more than enough to win us over.

As parents of two toddlers, life moves at subsonic speeds and sometimes we need that extra help throughout the day to make things easier. Even if that help is packaged as a six-in-one bottle! If you live in a city like Chicago where there is endless taxing on plastic bottles then you’ll understand the importance of reusable cups and coffee growlers. You can easily spend upwards of eight dollars on one case of water which is certainly excessive for any budget which makes products like the Precidio Multi-Flask a dream come true. Parent or non-parent it is truly great for any lifestyle.
One thing about it that really won us over as far as adaptability is concerned is that the Multi Flask made traveling with liquid very convenient. On any given day I will have a child on my hip and if I’m lucky, a free hand so having a bottle of water and a coffee cup is nearly impossible. Now I can pop my Multi Flask in the diaper bag, get a fill up of coffee and then clean it out and throw in some water and it’s so easy.

This six-in-one system is great for:

Hot Beverages

Cold Beverages (i.e. water) 
Infused Beverages (i.e. tea)

Fruit Infused Beverages

Insulated Cold Beverage

Powdered Beverage (i.e. smoothie or protein shake)

No more plastic water bottles, no more reusable cups with no lid or endless amounts of cups with different purposes! Most importantly, the BPA/BPS and Phthalates-Free Precidio Multi Flask is durable and green friendly. Start your Total Hydration journey and follow the link below to get your very own Multi Flask!

Multi Flask