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Veyo Mittyz | The Only Glove For Your Littles

April 21, 2017

As dreamy as it is watching your Babes play in the snow, build a snow man (or woman!) and eat who knows what on those legendary homemade snow cones, the part right before all of that happens can be just a bit chaotic. The part I’m talking about specifically? Getting dressed for the elements! My daughter just abhors anything that could possibly keep her warm, including mittens. She will fight us tooth and nail until her hands are red and she decides it’s not worth it. Veyo Mittyz are created to eliminate those pink hands and the littles fight to get dressed.

We really like Dad invented brands and what better of a brand for Dad Play then Veyo Mittyz?!

The dad behind Veyo Mittyz knows exactly what it means -and what it meant- to get your kids out to play without having the struggle of all the gear that comes along with the great outdoors. When he was looking for the perfect glove for his twins outdoor experience, there was nothing on the market that was convenient yet easy to get on a complaining and squirmy kiddo. After months of searching for that perfect glove with no luck, Veyo Mittyz was born.

These mittens are unique in that they have no separate opening for a thumb to go which means getting out of the door will be that much easier. Simply put the glove on (trust us, your kid will be upset if they can’t wear them!) and adjust the buckle according to fit. These gloves are also highly water resistant and can be flipped inside out for easy drying, or cleaning if need be.

While it is a lot about functionality and the fact that a great product was created to simplify snow and outdoor play, I would really like to point out that my very anti-glove, protesting toddler has taken a great love to Veyo Mittyz. It isn’t about the ease and hassle-free design but rather the character that she can pretend to be when she puts these gloves on. Not only does it make the coercing of getting our toddler into the gloves virtually non-existent but she actually wants to wear them. She can become a pink tiger, or a dragon without thinking twice. This is what we at Little Gummi call a win-win.
I think it’s safe to say that if our children know we want something they will probably do the exact opposite so having a necessity that is also fun really puts the power in their hands -pun?- and it transitions from a stressful experience to something that is looked forward to.

Shop the link below for your very own Veyo Mittyz and get ready to create an entire new way of outside play!
Veyo Mittyz