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DockATot and My Clingy Toddler

September 23, 2018

Not a typical title, right? But it’s real and raw which is what we love to share. I wanted to give a new perspective on what we use and love our DockATot for with Jensen since she is the oldest- plus a discount link further on in the post!
Parenting, specifically while pregnant, has a lot of amazing perks and of course the outcome is the best, but it is so tiring. It takes me much longer these days to get things together and pretty much have us seemingly whole and in one piece when we are going throughout our day-to-day routines. Lately it’s been a tad bit more difficult since my oldest toddler hit this insanely clingy stage of life which has just started happening in my third trimester (can someone hit snooze??) and while I love being close and snuggling with her, it just isn’t possible all day.
One of my absolute favorite features of the DockATot is how comforting it makes Jensen feel especially when she wants to be cuddled up and mama has to take care of other things. The multifunctional DockATot takes J from lounging to napping and just plain relaxing so we continuously turn to our Dock. She reads her books in it, combs her dolls hair and yes, guilty as charged (I dare you not to raise your hand too!) we even whip it out in the living room floor for a cartoon sesh while I tackle the mountain of laundry.

There are two sizes for the DockATot, since Jensen is 3 she is in the Grand which accommodates 9-36 months. It’s a perfect piece for toddler bed transitioning, which is exactly what we used it for since we not only transitioned Jensen from co-sleeping but also right in to a full size bed. The breathability tested fabric was a great big plus.
Miller is newly 2 and also in the Grand while the third little babe will go in to the Deluxe+ which is for 0-8 months. See below for comparisons on how Miller fits vs. Jensen.


Jensen is in the Grand La Vie En Rose



Miller is in the Grand Bananas For You


Something that was very pleasing to discover was how soft the all natural, 100% cotton fabric is! The Oeko-Tex Certified fabric feels buttery smooth to the touch even after we washed it- Miller decided to be the first to put the ease of washing and assembly to the test after sharing chocolate with Jensens Dock. While I love the La Vie En Rose DockATot, I promise chocolate is not a good feature on it so steer clear with those sticky fingers! If you do need a replacement cover, or even a different print use this code for $10 off your Dock purchase at
It is very nice to know we washed the DockATot because of chocolate and not because of sweat spots (gross, yes, I know.) from our hot natured girl, which definitely makes it ideal for micro-climate kiddos.
When washing the cover we followed manufacturer instructions and I included a photo from their website on washing the DockATot products. It truly was so easy and the only noticeable difference I saw afterward was that around the top of the Dock it became a little wrinkly so I simply smoothed that out. It’s nice to have a beautiful product, handmade in Europe, and know that if there is a mishap, because toddlerhood, that it is so easy to clean up and thus far was have had no fading

DAT Washing Instructions.png

We received our DockATots courtesy of the brand and little did I know they would be products that helped not only with bed transitioning but also keeping my toddler content just lounging around while I do things that need to get done. This post was mostly geared toward Jensen and how it makes her feel snuggly and happy but of course we have to show Miller in his Grand as well. It has been the best baby product we could ask for and I highly recommend DockATot to any new or seasoned parent because of the heaps of uses for them! The versatility of DockATots is absolutely magnificent; from sleeping and bed transitioning to lounging & relaxing and even the ease of use for traveling, there are so many ways to make use of this comfy Dock.
If you have any questions or want more info, click the image below for some helpful documents off DockATots website including further information on wash and care instructions as well as how to use your Dock!