Get Prep and Pared and Give the Kids Cake

September 20, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Kroger. All statements and opinions remain my own.

Have you ever equated dinner with at least an hour of prep, strenuous clean up and half of the kids complaining because they would rather have cake? Yes?! We call this witching hour at our house and it usually ends in exclamation and a restaurant. Feeding a family that consist of two kids who’s first tooth was a sweet tooth means chaos and frankly, I would rather let someone else deal with the mess.

We tried endless variations of delivered meals, the always regretful TV Dinner and of course pre-made kits in the mail that without hesitation would nearly spoil before someone grabbed it off the porch.

As we saw our dinner plans unfold in all of their glory, it wasn’t until we walked in to our local Kroger that the food angels shined down on the aisle of the brand new, mind-saving, witching hour eliminator: Prep + Pared Meal Kits from Kroger!

Prep + Pared Meal Kits from Kroger take the guessing away and make an adult meal truly a luxury with a non-luxury price tag. Ringing in with a base price of $14 for two adult servings and a cook time of under 20 minutes, go ahead, chime the parent dinner bell! We have, multiple times this week! The kits are brand new and exclusively at your local Kroger, ours comes from Kroger on Euclid in Lexington, Kentucky. It is fairly close to us which makes the 100% measured and prepped meals that much more enticing. Aside from the fact that they go from box to plate in 20 minutes or less.

I absolutely cannot get over how fresh the Prep + Pared Meal Kits are. They look and taste like they are directly from the farm. In our Vietnamese-Inspired Spicy Lemongrass Pork the slaw mix was brighter than anything I had seen and the aromas were strong enough to fill you up. The chef inspired meal had essentially no fillers which left us feeling satisfied and our taste buds craving more. One of the less noted bonuses for me was the fact that these are designed for two adults so the portions are very easy to divide and left us feeling like we ate a very healthy meal without over-eating.
The ingredients are all ready to go with no cutting or chopping needed and everything labeled accordingly in usually a few steps. During our 20 minute cooking session we had at least two child interruptions and because everything is labeled and prepped it made going back to cooking so much easier.

Of course parenting comes with a lot of great adventures and as we all know, parents definitely slack on taking care of themselves especially when it comes to food. I am raising a hand to cold leftover nuggets because making myself a meal would be way too time restraining when it means leaving my threenager to her own accords for minutes on end. PS, that never happens! The Prep + Pared Meal Kits are a game changer on many levels; not only do they replace my meal of cold nuggets abandoned by my toddler but they are actually healthy and truly a no-fuss, minimal clean-up kind of deal.

The Prep + Pared Meal Kits from Kroger are so great for that luxury meal at a budget friendly price. I love that amidst everything going on in our house, within 20 minutes my husband and I got to spend quality time cooking together, because honestly that is about as long as we would get! Even though date nights are slim these days, the Prep + Pared Meal Kit made it feel like for a slight moment we were in a food oasis which is a feeling we really cherish. As former New York City dwellers, by way of Chicago, we have always enjoyed fine cuisine and love experimenting with food choices and options which is something our family really is centered around. Prep + Pared Meal Kits let us try a new cuisine right in the comfort of our own home and it definitely brought some nostalgia back during the process.

Within 20 minutes, thanks to fresh ingredients and less prep time we had a parent only dinner with many more laughs enjoyed and memories made. There was no ‘what’s for dinner?’ stress or ‘who will clean the mess up?’ which meant more time together. Until the kids chimed in that is. So go ahead, grab a Prep + Pared Meal Kit from your local Kroger and let your kids eat the cake!


Mommin’ Ain’t Easy | Nugeni Steam-Pac Is

September 3, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Nugeni. All statements remain my own.

As parents of toddlers, cleaning can be almost as difficult as parenting itself. Let’s not lie, we have to keep up a great appearance for those insta photos, right?! Little Gummi maintains the rush with the Nugeni Steam-Pac which is the ultimate handheld steamer for your everyday needs.
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BeliBea Nourish Cami | Supporting You From Work to Home

August 22, 2017

As a breastfeeding momma and supporter at Little Gummi, the struggles of finding nursing wear that is convenient yet subtle is very real. I have never been one to nurse in a closed room or bathroom and am generally okay with public feeding (baby’s gotta eat!) but the one thing that has always been a bother for me is having any inkling of body showing during a nursing session. It’s just uncomfortable for me. BeliBea makes a nursing tank top that can easily take that anxiety away!

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Learning Resources | Hottest Products

August 15, 2017

We are really excited to bring to you the hottest products of the year from Learning Resources. This is an amazing company that we have worked with time and time again on Little Gummi but never cease to be amazed by the next big thing they launch.

With school just around the corner we have narrowed down the list to some of the best Learning Resources toys to get your little school-aged kiddo going! Each of these have been tried and tested for you!

Learning Resources Code and Go Robot Mousethis is prefect for your little engineer to get their coding into action. Teaching crucial skills for future computer use, the Code and Go Robot Mouse is eduction at its finest. Program your mouse to go in whichever pattern you choose through the easiest and toughest obstacles. Check out our review here

Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register
This is a personal favorite. Ever since I was a little kid, cash registers have always seemed so fascinating and fun and this certainly passed down to my daughter. Jensen loves checking us out and using the included note pad to give us a receipt. Now to just get her to pay for her own goods!

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Rover Gear-
What could be more exhilarating then creating a hot rod and watching it go? The Rover Gear comes with all the necessary pieces to transition the gears into multiple styles of vehicles. It’s fun, fast and on the go all while teaching your Little how things move in synchronization.

Learning Resources Smart Market Set
Falling right in hand with the Cash Register, the Smart Market Set is perfect for teaching your young one food groups and healthy eating. The market tote is great to bring along on real grocery trips and allow your little to get in on the shopping fun! Next stop: Extreme Couponing!

Learning Resources Letter Blocks- The Learning Resources Letter Blocks are a modern twist on the traditional blocks set. Not only do they stack for fun but they also double as little shape cutters. We use ours for Play Doh cut outs and it turns that messy Doh into a fun learning experiment. Letter Blocks are all the same size which is great for new alphabet learners as they won’t get confused on capitol and lowercase letters. Our 2 year old is obsessed!

Learning Resources Counting Dino SortersCounting Dino Sorters are on the top of Little Gummis list (hint, watch for them on our gift guide). The set is amazing with 10 dinosaur eggs each filled with an appropriate amount of Dino’s to coordinate to their egg. So one egg, one Dino; two eggs, two Dino’s and so forth. This is learning and fun for the whole family and just really amazing overall! Don’t worry though, the Dino’s match their corresponding eggs so even the youngest of learners should catch on quick!

Check out our feature on these top Learning Resources toys and get started for months of play and learning. Click the links in each description to shop!


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Magnetic Dress Up Doll from HABA

August 12, 2017

We absolutely love fun toys and we give mad bonus points if they are relatively mess free and will occupy the kids longer than a box would (so, what an hour maybe? I mean those boxes are the best) and the HABA Dress-Up Doll is a Little Gummi hit!

One of my favorite memories as a little kid was playing with magnetic dolls and I love having the ability to pass that on to Jensen. The HABA Dress-Up Doll comes with 54 magnetic dress-up pieces ranging from hats to shoes, a sun and even a little puppy! Which we aptly named after our German Shepherd, Poppy! I love that there are 4 different backgrounds -two sheets with a scene on each side. My absolute favorite scene is the school scene and the little magnetic clock to go with it.

Jensen is 2 and although it is recommended for ages 3 and up, she has no issue with them whatsoever. It really is our go-to toy especially in the car! Because it comes in a tin-can it is perfect for the car and the scene sheets can be placed on the bottom of the can (it’s deep!) so there won’t be any spills… Unless you have a baby brother that is a walking destroyer, that is.
The doll and magnetic accessories are very sturdy, much more so than paper dolls and I love that they are quality made. We haven’t had any rips or tears on ours even during it’s baby survival mode. I have seen magnetic dolls that start peeling and we are so relieved that the HABA Dress-Up Doll is great quality and has no issues with this.

You can even purchase a 3D Lillie doll, like the magnetic version! We are huge HABA fans and are so excited to have a great on-the-go and at home product to keep Jensen entertained!

Purchase your very own, er, for your kiddo (wink) Dress-Up Doll here

HABA Dress-Up Doll

diaper accessories

Baby Butz Bum Cream | Kicking Rashes in the Bum

August 7, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Baby Butz. All statements remain my own.

With summer reaching its hottest points this usually means more swimming and (tentatively) more outings. As a cloth diapering family, sometimes extensive heat can cause prolonged changes to not go so well. By this, I very much mean rashes! Sometimes these can be unavoidable and always pesky to deal with. We are really excited to bring you a sponsored post from Baby Butz! While the cream is not cloth diaper safe, it is bum safe and effectively relieves sore and chapped bummies. We are completely obsessed!
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Precidio | The Multi Flask for a Filled Day

July 20, 2017

Parenting has some interesting gigs (especially at Little Gummi) to it and certainly a lot of aspects that follow along. Rather it is going to the gym for some well spent ‘me time’ (what’s that??) or hitting the park and the soccer games, the taxi doesn’t stop so why should you? Precidio has this awesome Total Hydration solution for all of your daily needs; The Multi Flask!

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HABA On The Farm Threading Game

July 14, 2017

We absolutely love toys that promote learning and education over at Little Gummi and the HABA On The Farm Threading Game is the perfect toy with the best of both worlds. For children as young as 18 months, it encourages hand-eye coordination and development. Jensen is 2 and still loves hers!  It more or less is great for teaching patterns and just a wonderful introduction into directions and problem solving. It sounds silly because I don’t think we truly ponder teaching our young 18 month olds about patterns and directions but it is such a crucial age for beginning developments.

I absolutely love games for the entire family and HABA gave just that with their On The Farm Threading Game. Sometimes traditional boardgames can give an overwhelming feel and I love the simplicity of the On The Farm Threading Game. It sparks just enough curiosity to hold a young kiddos attention but at the same time does not feel overwhelming.
Threading the animals are so easy! Especially for little bitty hands. It comes with 8 pieces, four template sets and a bag to hold it! The templates have easy to follow directions that include patterns for your young ones to mimic while threading. We love to turn this into a counting experience as well! So we count the items we are threading and not only learn crucial hand-eye coordination but educational developments as well.

The On The Farm Threading Game is a perfect gift for any party, or just a great buy for your own kiddo to enjoy. I love that it catches and sparks the interest of younger babes all the way up to toddlers and gives a great opportunity for us as parents to teach our young ones animal identifying, names, sounds and multiple other educational developments!

You can begin your kiddos On The Farm Threading Game fun by shopping the link below! The made in Germany game is composed of beech wood and gives me peace of mind knowing my child is playing with something safe and fun! Keep in mind, the pieces are small and always need parental supervision when enjoying!


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Kid Lid | Put Your Tech in Kid Mode

June 26, 2017


Kid LidIn this day in age, we are no strangers to screen-time fun for our Littles to either occupy during chores or just relax while in the car to give us parents some piece-of-mind. Kid Lid has taken the craft to a whole new level of tech time fun with their clever cases that allow your children to watch their favorite program without interrupting your apps (like deleting your Little Gummi quick-link (; )

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Disney/Pixar Cars Booster Seat | The First Years

June 25, 2017

The First Years

With Cars 3 fresh in the cinema we partnered with The First Years to bring you a booster seat that will have your Little zooming in to meal time like Lighting McQueen.
At Little Gummi we love products that make meal time easier, especially with very exploratory kids who have other agendas. When you bring in a product that your child loves just as much as you do, things get that much easier! The First Years Disney/Pixar Cars Booster Seat is great in that it can work not only on your standard dining chair using the table top, but also with its own individual top as well. Just remember, it is never to be used aside from a chair and this can be easily secured using the provided straps.

The First Years

The booster seat comes equipped with everything you need to bring your little Racer to the Family meal:

  • straps to secure the booster to the chair
  • A lid that is dishwasher safe and fully adjustable to fit snug to your Littles body so it truly grows with your little one
  • A built in cup holder
  • Three Point Harness for safety. The adjustment is so easy on this.
  • Foldable back for easy storage and transportation

The First Years

We absolutely love that the The First Years seat can be folded and taken on-the-go especially during travel so your Little doesn’t lose their regime even during something like meal time! This is really important for us as we maintain a really strict eating schedule for our children. With our daughter having special attention to her mealtime needs, one of the things that helps her stay on track and focus is familiarity so anything that is portable, such as The First Years booster is a definite win for us!

The First Years

Recommended for: We recommend The First Years Disney/Pixar Cars Booster Seat for your little racer between 6months and 50 pounds who ideally can sit up unassisted. This gender neutral booster will be a hit for any home and on the go as it customized for optimal comfort for any babe. Shop the link below to get your own Disney/Pixar Cars Booster Seat directly from Target!

The First Years

This post was sponsored and made possible by The First Years. All opinions remain my own.