Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

June 18, 2016

Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper
We decided to purchased the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper after our busy bebe took an interest in movement, music and playtime more frequently.

Something we liked about the Baby Einstein Jumper right off was the vibrant colours and bold accessories that went along with it.
For an exersaucer, Baby Einstein has so much movement and doesn’t require any more space than a regular Exersaucer would.

While it is a bit heavy, we don’t mind that much given that our Little can jump and play as she grows from size to size.

The Baby Einstein Jumper has over 12 activities and room to attach more with loops for links. We never attached any to our Baby Einstain Exersaucer as our Littlejust couldn’t reach them yet but it is possible!

Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper in the package
Some of the activities include an electrical piano -note that batteries are required- which plays music,   piano key tones or speaks when pressed in either English, Spanish, or French. Each piano key is a different color with the numbers 1,2 and 3. The piano includes lights and volume control ranging from silent to loud with three options. Also in included is a spinning frog bead chaser with moveable musical note beads above it and on the opposite side are a couple characters. We wished there was more to them but they just sit there. That’s something we would had changed on the Baby Einstein Jumper. Also included is a small built in tray. Large enough for a couple biscuits but no sippy.

All of the activities, including the tray are reachable by the 360 degree spinning seat which is decorated in kid friendly print and has a small cushioned back support. We found our Little was quite interested in the design when we would go to sit her in it. One complaint of mine about the seat is that it seems it does not spin too easily. Our little bebe is now 6months old and still had issues spinning herself in the Baby Einstein Jumper.

We enjoyed our run with the Baby Einstein Jumper and felt that it was highly entertaining. Our Little did not quite enjoy the Baby Einstein Jumper as much as the competing jumpers but she stayed entertained for a bit. We loved the option for 5 heights to grow with your Little and our bebe caught on fairly quickly to the jumping ability.

The set up is moderately easy as the pieces mostly fit into another however the Baby Einstein Jumper is not on the lightest list of Jumpers. It is sturdy enough so bebe doesn’t move himself when actively jumping. My only true complaint is that storage is not the easiest for us, while it does collapse it still remains bulky.

Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper side view

• Bright and stimulating
• Customizable
• Language choices
• Sturdy
• Five position height options
• Heavy
• Construction time is a bit longer
• Batteries not included
• Various activities are not interactable
• Seat tends to stick when rotating

Recommended for: We recommend the Baby Einstein Jumper for Littles who are ready for self-standing (with assistance from the Jumper) and able to grab and reach further. The Baby Einstein Jumper gives parents the opportunity for customizable experiences and the colors keep bebe busy and entertained.

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