HABA On The Farm Threading Game

July 14, 2017

We absolutely love toys that promote learning and education over at Little Gummi and the HABA On The Farm Threading Game is the perfect toy with the best of both worlds. For children as young as 18 months, it encourages hand-eye coordination and development. Jensen is 2 and still loves hers!  It more or less is great for teaching patterns and just a wonderful introduction into directions and problem solving. It sounds silly because I don’t think we truly ponder teaching our young 18 month olds about patterns and directions but it is such a crucial age for beginning developments.

I absolutely love games for the entire family and HABA gave just that with their On The Farm Threading Game. Sometimes traditional boardgames can give an overwhelming feel and I love the simplicity of the On The Farm Threading Game. It sparks just enough curiosity to hold a young kiddos attention but at the same time does not feel overwhelming.
Threading the animals are so easy! Especially for little bitty hands. It comes with 8 pieces, four template sets and a bag to hold it! The templates have easy to follow directions that include patterns for your young ones to mimic while threading. We love to turn this into a counting experience as well! So we count the items we are threading and not only learn crucial hand-eye coordination but educational developments as well.

The On The Farm Threading Game is a perfect gift for any party, or just a great buy for your own kiddo to enjoy. I love that it catches and sparks the interest of younger babes all the way up to toddlers and gives a great opportunity for us as parents to teach our young ones animal identifying, names, sounds and multiple other educational developments!

You can begin your kiddos On The Farm Threading Game fun by shopping the link below! The made in Germany game is composed of beech wood and gives me peace of mind knowing my child is playing with something safe and fun! Keep in mind, the pieces are small and always need parental supervision when enjoying!