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Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out!

May 6, 2017

As a parent of two, I have been determining the worth of my outings on if the actual errand is shorter than the time it takes to put the kids in the car and if the answer is ‘yes’, we nix it. Let’s face it, parenting is a tough -yet rewarding- gig and sometimes it is easier to be homebound and lazy, even if that means having a pretend play campfire over a real one. Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out is designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage pretend play in any setting. At Little Gummi we love fun toys with educational values. Grab some s’mores and get ready to shop this awesome campfire set!

Learning Resources is a brand we have come to know and love. With products like the New Sprouts Camp Out set, your little can stay in doors and let their imagination take them anywhere. We decided to “go” on an RV inspired camp out to the Grand Canyon filled with pretend s’mores, a glow in the dark lantern and a toasty campfire. This neat set from  Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out comes equipped with all the campfire necessities to take your little any place they can dream, from your own back yard all the way to the Yosemite Valley. We love that the New Sprouts Camp Out is something the entire family can enjoy. With crush resistant and durable plastic it maintains a soft grip that even the smallest of hands are comfortable grabbing.

The New Sprouts Camp Out Set is part of a new category of toys for Learning Resources called New Sprouts which are directly geared toward toddler play and development. Designed with education in mind, New Sprouts aims to create toys that promote critical thinking at an early age, and in unbeknownst to your Little! Who knew learning could be this fun?!

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 Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out