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The Crazy Scientist Lab Kit from The Purple Cow

June 18, 2017


This week we are celebrating Dads and all their glory with fun and exciting products that promote bonding and learning with dad and the kiddos!
First on our radar at Little Gummi is The Crazy Scientist Lab Kit from The Purple Cow. This awesome young survivor skill box has everything you and your little need to tackle the wilderness in your own backyard. Teaching skills that will stay for years to come, the Crazy Scientist lab kit will have your little one ready to adapt in any situation with their early survival techniques and skills!

Jensen loves learning about her environment and while she is young, nearing 3, the Crazy Scientist Lab Kit is intended for use with older kids as the parts can be a choking hazard, however, with dad along she had plenty fun watching the experiments fold out.
This kit has many educational games that will leave your Little with the skills on distilling and purifying water, retrieving water from plants and doing really great things like building a solar stove- and it doesn’t stop there! With over a dozen experiments in the kit, this educational and fun set will give your kiddo everything they need (and hopefully will never have to use) to trek the wilderness.

The Purple Cow is an Australian company that began in 2000 developing and manufacturing fun and educational games that will bring any kiddos mind to wonder. Their products are great to be enjoyed by the whole family and promote endless bonding through learning.
As a family business they wanted to design and create something for everyone and all interests that will take kids away from technology just for a moment and get their creativity kicked in to gear with fun products and contents intended to expand the mind and extend the horizons. Products like The Crazy Scientist are great to build up curiosity and show kids how learning in their environment can be much more rewarding (and actually practical in developing skills) than a phone or tablet.

The Crazy Scientist Young Survivor Lab Kit is intended to hit key points in learning about Survival but also how to survive if a situation called for it. With a variety of skills that will help adapt in nature, the kit will teach even the most juvenile of minds to acquire and use basic survival skills.
Your little explorer will become a scientist in their own backyard with the fundamental techniques and scientific principles identified from basic experiments but designed for fun learning all while empowering their curious minds! Not only will it boost self-esteem in any situation but it will also give your Little the courage to explore and use the tools outside in nature to develop any skill needed.

We LOVE The Crazy Scientist Lab Kit and know you will too! Get your Survivor on and grab your lab coat, you won’t want to miss out on all nature can teach you and your Little.

The Purple Cow is available to shop in over 30 countries so get your wilderness skills going and visit the link below

The Crazy Scientist