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7th Generation Diapers 

April 7, 2015

Seventh Generation diapers for little gummi review

7th Generation Diapers were something we stumbled upon frequently at our local co-op but we never purchased until recently when we needed a quick diapering fix for a spur of the moment travel day.
Familiar with the 7th Generation brand and reputation, we were quite curious and excited to try their diapers!

We use disposable diapers when we travel because we generally drive everywhere and don’t want a smelly vehicle- we all know cloths contain smell but when they are off, woah! With that said, we were in a frenzy for some disposables when we purchased the 7th Generation Diapers. We had talked about using 7th Generation Diapers previously but the brown diapers didn’t really appeal to us as something we’d put on our Little- it’s a diaper but hey you have to maintain some cuteness, right? Maybe? My initial thought was that these diapers look like paper bags… there goes aesthetics.
You know that saying that looks aren’t everything? Well…

The 7th Generation Diapers fit seemingly well, I haven’t really any complaint. The material was a little rough and I’d say thats likely due to the organic nature of the diapers, but they did the job.
7th Generation might perhaps make the most affordable diaper that we have tried and even the most affordable on the market.
As for absorbency though, they aren’t quite the top ranking for us. One great thing about 7th Generation Diapers is how great they are for the environment and for your bebe. With such a great make-up of material in these diapers and considering how biodegradable they are, there is no regret on going disposable. Of course, 7th Generation is known for their earthy products!

Something I do like is that 7th Generation has a Touch of Cloth disposable diaper that contains cotton fibers as is cleaned without any chemicals. Anything that resembles cloth diapers is a plus for us!

These fragrant free diapers are great for the Littles who struggle with eczema which is something that has drawn us to this brand time and time again.

Seventh Generation diapers for little gummi review

• Monthly subscription
• Wheat Derived Materials (YES! we use toilet paper made of wheat, trust us, amazing)
• No Chemicals
• Diaper free of fragrance
• Very affordable
• various disposable diaper options

• Medium absorbency
• Rough outer material
• Thin

You can purchase 7th Generation Touch of Cloth and Diapers here

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