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Austlen Entourage | The Stroller For the Whole Family

May 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the Mercedes-Benz of strollers would look like? At Little Gummi  we had that exact thought until we found the Austlen Entourage. This Austin Texas brand knows exactly what it means to bring luxury in to a non-luxurious industry which is why the Austlen Entourage is fully equipped to handle all of the messes, all of the dirt and all of the kids!

Austlen Enterouge

What comes as an addition for most strollers is a standard for the Austlen Entourage. We have been putting the stroller to the test and instantly fell in love with its attention to detail: leather handles, the foot rest that will have any clean-freak drooling and its capability of holding all of your kids and all of your needs.

Ease of Use/Folding/Unfolding

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In all honesty this isn’t the lightest stroller on the market but keep in mind that it is designed to hold a ton of stuff and a couple of kids. 150 pounds to be exact. So to maintain that integrity, it is a bit heavier than others; however, usage is one of the easiest we have come across. Folding is a two-step process starting with the main seat which is attached and fold with the bumper bar in tact. there are two levers on the back of the seat that pull up and the seat goes down in a zig-zag form. Then there are the same levers on the handle bar which are activated by holding in a small button and pulling up to collapse. The button caused me a bit of an issue at first but after breaking it in a few times it seems to be easier now.
Unfolding is pretty much the opposite of folding. Pull up the same levers as you did on the seat and the handle bar and pull up on the seat and the bar. You might have to give the seat a little tug when unfolding as it could be a little awkward but like most strollers this gets better with time once you become more acquainted with the process.


Austlen Enterouge

Austlen Enterouge

Austlen Enterouge

There are three, yes three, leather handles on the Entourage. One for the parent, one for the child and then another one at the top of the main seat to be used in combination with the sit and stand (sold separately). We have been pushing the Entourage through the southern heat and a concern of mine was the leather possibly causing sweaty hands or drawing attention to the sun and becoming warm. This has yet to happen for us which is a great debunker to my prediction. Also, if the sun is strong enough chances are the sun shade would be down which would also protect the leather from heat and keep any discoloration from occurring.
This is a really nice standard considering that the Entourage is designed to get you through the airport, at family events and virtually anything you could imagine all while holding the Babes. The comfort of pushing will make any trek more bearable.

The seat on the Entourage seems to have a nice cushion to it and is definitely designed to get your Little through any lengthy ride without becoming uncomfortable. Our 2 year old and 6 month old haven’t complained about sitting in it throughout our lengthy walks and trips to the zoo. Having kids that don’t complain about their ride is always a great bonus.

Seat Position and Peek-A-Boo Window

Austlen Enterouge

Austlen Enterouge

A really nice feature on the Austlen Entourage is that the main seat has two peek-a-boo windows which is great for ventilation and also keeping eyes on the Babe. This is an awesome addition considering that the seat can’t be removed so it is not interchangeable between front/rear facing
You’ll love this if you are like me and want to see your kids more than they want to see you! The way the peek-a-boo window works depends on the positioning that the seat is in. If sitting up you can open the one at the top and pear into the seat but when the seat is reclined in the fullest position you’ll find another window which allows for air-flow and viewing the babe whilst sleeping. This is actually a feature I haven’t seen in any other stroller on the market and one I instantly loved since I couldn’t turn the seat around.


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With a stroller of these capabilities, the Austlen Entourage might come across as a little intimidating but have no fear, I promise it’s easier than any double or single stroller you could get. To extend hold down the the large underneath button on the handle bar of the main seat (this can be done with four fingers) and simultaneously push the smaller button with your thumb. Told you it was easy! From there you will push the stroller out to extend or pull in to retract. When extending, there are two positions. On the first expanded position this is suggested for most comfortable fit when using as a double and the most expanded position allows for both seats to be at their fullest reclined mode. Or you could just throw a surf board on there instead!

What’s Included?

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Included with the Austlen Entourage is the scrumptious leather bump bar, the Market Tote and all of the capabilities needed to turn the Entourage into a fully expandable travel and adventure buddy. The Market Tote has three divided compartments that also expand to fit the Entourage in it’s most compact stage as well as its second stage. Expansion is easy and done simply but releasing the bands or tightening them to adjust to your needs. In the main section of the Market Tote under the protective flap is two drink holders, a tablet slot and a mesh compartment -we put teether in this. Outside where the magnetic flaps closes there are addition four pockets, we use these for parent needs such as keys and phones.


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The Sit and Stand is not in use so we have the carry bag in place over it. The Sit and Stand can also be stowed for easier storage when not in use

There are really great additions for the Entourage to adapt to whatever your family needs. We have the second seat and the Sit and Go which can be found here and also available is a snack tray, parent cup holder, rain shield and extension bag to create a deeper storage aside from the Market Tote for things like swim tubes, etc.

What we think

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The Austlen Entourage is definitely not the lightest stroller on the market but that’s to be expected considering what it can tow so we won’t take away for that. The same goes for the frame, which is not compact by any means but seems to fit well in the trunk of our crossover. We rated the turn radius while considering the fact that for such a long stroller (when expanded) it still moved really smooth. Just remember, this is not designed for running or jogging so watch the terrain. Even though the tires won’t pop, it is suggested to use to your discretion given the circumstance. Who knows, maybe we will see an Austlen jogger!
The design is definitely pleasing to the eye and my only true complaint is that I wished the second seat was forward/rear facing and that there was a designated spot for the Market Tote when you are not able to use it with a second child seat.

We are absolutely obsessed with the Austlen Entourage (for more reasons than just it’s hometown) and can’t wait to take it with us on many more family adventures.

Purchase yours below and get a first hand experience on why we are so obsessed. Stay tuned for our days out featuring the Entourage!

Austlen Entourage

This post was sponsored and made possible by Austlen. All statements remain my own.

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