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Baby Backups – Not All Messes are Messy

March 14, 2017

baby backupsBaby Backups will be the only poop involved backup for your baby that you will ever want, guaranteed!

We were at a new/expecting parents dinner a while back and one of the commons jokes was how new parents were obsessed with poo and we certainly fell right in to that statistic; not with our Littles poo but with how to prevent the mess that quite possibly and almost certainly could happen during those first months.

We have the best of both worlds: a girl and a boy AKA an up the front wetter and out the back wetter.

As cloth diapering parents, we have always taken pride in the fact that our nappies withheld even the worst of woes, that is up until we had our son who is a grade-A out of the diaper wetter. We have purchased new nappies, tried different sizes and even resorted to disposables during sleep and as per cue, he wakes up every morning with a soaked front. We received Baby Backups and developed an instant love for these nifty little additions to cloth and disposable diapers alike.
Baby Backups work by placing the adhesive extender pad on the back of the diaper to fit around the waistband and essentially extends the diapers coverage. The process is honestly easier that even changing a diaper, with a couple of steps and you are on your way to a clean day!

Our daughter has always been the one that messes up her back and for the longest time we went along with the horror and thought it was just a parent initiation (if you will).

Baby Backups has made the ease of changing her backed up mess so much smoother- even as we feel over-initiated into this parenting gig, we feel comfort in knowing that not all messes have to be messy.

Baby Backups

  • Absorbency
  • Strength
  • Fit
  • User Friendly