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Baby Bits | Making Your Own Wipes

May 23, 2017


A really big interest at Little Gummi has been reusable baby wipes. We have tried the cloth diaper wipes previously but we were not exactly sure how to make that work until we came across Baby Bits which is a fantastic company built upon home made diaper wipes with an extensive topic of usage.

Baby Bits was intended to replace disposable baby wipes which produce 7.6 billion pounds of waste each year. The products are completely vegan and all natural which means safe for babies skin but also safe for any other needs including bathing and simply washing hands.

The smell is mild, with coconut oil, tee tree and lavender to combine together creating a scrumptious yet subtle smell. Mild enough for daily use but strong enough to add a slight fragrant for baby bottoms at each change. We love that Baby Bits has no chemicals, unlike leading disposable wipes. That means rash chances are low! However, even though the product is Vegan, if any irritant occurs please consult your pediatrician.

The starter kit comes complete with everything you need, including 100 starter squares to turn water in to Baby Bits solution! The kit even has a handy spray bottle so effort is as minimal as pouring in water and shaking it to dissolve the Baby Bit solid square.

Go ahead, take your Baby Bits on the go with you! The bottle and reusable wipes are compact enough to take anywhere with you! Add a wet bag and you’re complete for bbq’s, road trips, amusement parks or even days out to the park and zoo. This is unique in that Baby Bits gives you the flexibility to use and reuse no matter the occasion. I have to say, trying to take disposable wipes out and about in a container can be much more cumbersome!

Baby Bits has carefully selected ingredients to support sustainable products made in USA, the packaging is even compostable!

With our 2017 seal of approval, see for yourself why we love Baby Bits so much!

Baby Bits