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April 6, 2017


At some point or another I’m sure you’ve heard about toilet training techniques to implement as early as 4 months. If not, don’t worry, we were a bit scared of that too! Early learning can be a frightening thing, especially for new parents. Sara Keel, the momma behind Babycup understood this and came up with a less far fetched idea. Her name-to-fame lies within training your Littles as early as 4 months on a cup. Sounds amazing right?! This can be made entirely possible with Babycup. A UK brand that is recommended by health professionals and parents alike.

Babycup is designed to give your Little those critical development skills at earlier months and promoting better overall dental health and also helps with fine motor development.
Babycup was created when momma Sara Keel realized just how gruesome it was to find that perfect cup for her Little without it swallowing their heads. We understand as a society the needs of small children but are less eager to get up on the horse and create products that make their big world pint sized. Babycup bridges that gap, they know the needs of Littles and the needs of parents. By solving the equation on how to make development easier they have left us with one awesome product.


Perfect for Little hands

This non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalates-free, take on a larger cup offers a never-before-seen alternative for babies of a young age who’s parents want to opt out of spouts and normal sippy cups. The knowledge of just how safe Babycup is, is reason enough to land it on any must-haves list.

Because Babycup promotes early development and fine motor skills, with a some patience and guidance you can have your Little learning techniques that will prompt even more development such as hand-eye coordination. It doesn’t hurt that those tiny teeth won’t be effected by the hassle of bottles and sippys!



These cups are great for weaning and while we are not at that stage yet, they are also great for development. Miller was able to play around with his Babycup as we begin the journey and he loved it. A great feature is that there are markers of the amount in the cup which is great to keep note of liquid intake your Little is getting.

Our 6 month old has quite the tongue-tie which we opted out of clipping. He doesn’t have issues nursing, eating or developing orally plus who doesn’t like a heart shaped tongue? One major concern of mine upon receiving Babycup was how he would handle it given his tongue-tie and I’m really happy to say our Little Gummi did great!

Little Gummi

Exploring his Babycups


“That’s my hand, where’s my cup?”


Found it!

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