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Babyganics Diaper

April 15, 2015


We are currently obsessed with Babyganics diapers and here’s why: a lot of times the term “organic” is confused for better, and while we at Little Gummi are definitely organic lovers, we keep those organic products restricted to what is baby safe. At Babyganics they use vegetable and mineral based ingredients that are all natural. 


As a mama I see a definite bias from baby products to baby websites where dads aren’t always included. Babyganics was founded by a couple dads who know what’s up!
We recently began using Babyganics diapers during our travel times and have had such an enjoying run with their diapers.
I can’t say that Babyganics has the most aesthetically pleasing diaper, but they are amazing with absorbency and that’s all that matters.
With the soft material on your bebe’s bum, you won’t want any other disposable diaper. Babyganics uses a chlorine free and untreated fluff pulp for their diapers. As read on their website, their absorbent core is blend is made with renewable, plant based material which reduces the amount of SAP gel needed.
There have been minimal occasions of leakage with Babyganics diapers and they seem to withhold throughout the night. Babyganics uses a non-elastic closing at the leg to ensure little to no leakage.
We gave Babyganics a 5 for ingredients not because of organic materials but because of safe, plant based materials and their 100% NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend. We have a bebe with eczema and any extra help to ensure no breakouts is what we thrive for.
•Vegetable based
•Seed oil blend for softness
•Chlorine free



•Low aesthetics
Recommend for:
We recommend Babyganics diapers to the parents who need a little extra comfort in what they are putting their bebe in. We also recommend Babyganics to those eczema stricken babes due to their reliable ingredients that’s safe for bebe skin.
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