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Bambo Nature Diapers

May 7, 2015

Bambo Nature diapers collage

Bambo Nature diapers are eco-friendly!

We accidentally discovered Bambo Nature Diapers a couple weeks ago and were suddenly intrigued.
I’d like to start off by saying we ordered the diapers and received them just a couple days later. Reason 1 we fell in love.
Reason 2 we fell in love with Bambo Nature Diapers: the absolute only disposable diaper that has not leaked once since we have began usage. Most of you breastfeeders know your little has some messy soils and sometimes finding a disposable diaper to contain them can be tricky. We thought leakage avoidance was nearly impossible until we had our first run with Bambo Nature Diapers.

We all know those long car rides that make diaper changing just a little tedious and those long nights when you don’t want to wake your little for a change. We experienced a little longer change time and we truly regretted what we thought would be a massive leak after a long night. We got our Little out of her crib only to find that the Bambo Nature Diapers passed the test!
Bambo is an eco friendly brand to begin with but their Bambo Nature Diapers take it to a whole new level. With their name of the official environmental Nordic Eco-Label, The Swan, it’s no wonder these disposable diapers stand the heat.
Bambo Nature Diapers are certified free of harsh chemicals and have zero chlorine in their make-up.
With Non-Toxic and hypoallergenic materials, there’s no wonder our bebe takes so well to Bambo Nature Diapers- no eczema breakouts equal a win for us! Anything that keeps our bebe comfortable and fits well is a plus in our book.
We give Bambo Nature Diapers a 5 star on affordability. The absolute best bang for your buck!
Bambo Nature diapers diagram
•The most absorbent diaper
•Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
•Free of harsh chemicals
•No leakage from us!
•Highly affordable
•Breathable back for drier bums
•No cons from us!
Recommended for:
We recommend Bambo Nature Diapers for those bebe’s with high leak volumes and those mamas and papas who want the best for their little! Great for Eco conscious families!
You can purchase all your Bambo Nature Diapering needs here

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