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Bloom Coco Lounger

March 31, 2015

Bloom Coco Lounger Plexi-Style for little gummi review

We recently received the Bloom Coco Lounger from our friends at Babys Den and we just knew it was going to be a Little Gummi favorite.

As much as I’d like to deny it, our Little wants to see everything around her and we needed a seat that was comfortable enough for this.

When we opened the Bloom Coco Lounger I can safely say it

exceeded our expectations by miles. The fabric was so soft and vibrant -we chose the leather- and appeared to withhold even the toughest bebe use.
With the self rocking motion, our little seems to rock herself to sleep each time she’s in her Bloom Coco Lounger.

Our style is quite modern and we went with the Red plexistyle base for our Bloom Coco Lounger. Dad picked this out so I was a bit hesitant but guys, it’s perfect and fits in so well. Even for such a loud color as red, it’s just the right hue and not too bold at all.

Something I noticed right off the bat on our Bloom Coco Lounger was that Bloom did this lovely little thing at the buckle and put a cover over it. Finally! I don’t know about you other mamas and papas out there but I hate buckles and their hard uncomfortable plastic. Thank you Bloom!
Now if only car seats achieved this!

It’s obvious that Bloom designed a sleek lounger but what makes it just a tad better is the way the actual seat inserts into the base. So first off it is removable because of washing purposes but it snaps all around right into the base and sort of hangs like a hammock. We love it.
My only concern on the insert is the weight it will hold. With that said, by the time your Little does reach the max weight they are probably not wanting to sit long anyway so I didn’t take much off in points for that.
The Bloom Coco Lounger is easily moveable from room-to-room and doesn’t weigh much.
Generally I put my Little in this when I’m cooking or showering. The gentle rocking motion calms her in any situation.

The Bloom Coco Lounger has such a sleek finish and is available in a plexistyle and stylewood along with a leatherette or 100% organic cotton insert which is sold separately.
Bloom also makes a Coco Go Lounger which collapses for travel and storage.

Purchase your Bloom Coco Lounger in plexistyle or stylewood from The Babys Den here


Bloom Coco Lounger
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Material


Coco plexistyle belongs in contemporary living spaces with its iconic form and comfortable nest for baby formed in plexistyle™ coco plexistyle has a smooth self-rocking motion, naturally soothing to baby


• curved, single-piece frame with cosy seat in leatherette or 100% organic cotton
• formed in patented plexistyle
• self-rocking motion
• adjustable 5-point padded safety harness
• cover for buckle
• no assembly required

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