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Boba Baby Wrap 

February 19, 2016

Boba Wrap baby wrap for little gummi

I am personally not a big fan of wraps however I do like how the Boba baby wrap is as versatile as my growing Bebe.
If you are looking for a wrap that is safe and secure this is a great one, the Boba baby wrap. The elasticity of the material allows for some great durability and wear. The stretch goes on for miles. I have not found any issue in the material thus far, it has seemed to hold my Littles weight perfect and evenly. A great feature of this wrap is that

The Boba wrap is lightweight however because of the material it does get a bit warm when wearing for longer times.
While this is one piece, I found that assembly took a bit of time especially on the first few tries.
Granted, this is stretch, once it has been worn it requires rewrapping so if you find yourself removing your Little frequently, know that you can’t replace your Bebe without a rewrapping. I found that often times fairly difficult as I love the ability to move around without feeling like the fabric of a wrap is getting stretched out and becoming less secure.

I’ve only had experience using this in the newborn position but from what I have heard, the Boba baby wrap is great for up to around 18months.
Lastly is comfort, because of the soft material, if wrapped correctly this is one of the more comfortable wraps I’ve received. Generally, wraps are a favorite because they can be more easily worn along with coats, jackets etc. Along with the sleek aesthetic its a perfect match for a custom wrap. We purchased it our Boba Wrap in black but there are also two patterns and various other colors.

You can purchase the Boba baby wrap from Babys Den

Boba Baby Wrap


Boba Baby Wrap
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Assembly
  • Material
  • Age range
  • Comfort


• Front and infant hold
• Comfortable for newborns up to 35 pounds
• Hands-free availability
• Hassle-free nursing any time, anywhere

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