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Boon Naked Bathtub Review

February 19, 2016


I have to say, when we purchased the Boon Naked Bathtub it was really off impulse. We knew little to nothing about Boon and were in need of a quick bath tub for our Little because the kitchen sink just wasn’t cutting it. We love all things modern at our house and this screamed sleek; a two incline bath tub with simplistic measures? Yes please.

The Boon Naked Bathtub is perfect if you are in a tight space, one of my favorite features is that this tub hangs to dry.
We like to keep ours in our bebes closet.
Luckily we have a bebe who loves bath time so there are no complaints but a personal concern is comfort. This seems to be rather hard plastic, although our bebe has not shown any outward dislike I am not sure how I feel about such a hard surface.

As much as I wanted this to be OUR tub, a few weeks after we purchased and used it one of the legs broke and it happened to be the one that held the most support causing for both inclined to be obsolete. Disappointment was the least of what I felt. Because of this I had to take off extensively. We have since received a replacement and it folds down much easier. No problems yet, but disassembly after use can be a bit tricky so fingers crossed


• Provides two support positions for stages newborn to toddler
• Collapsible design and hook make storing easy
• Recline position cradles newborn, which helps keep their head above water
• Fully-expanded basin accommodates infants and toddlers
• Rotating support brace for quick and secure positioning
• Simple, one piece design makes transitioning between stages easy without losing parts
• Drain plug for quick, complete water drainage
• Slim profile for easy storage
• BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
• Ages: Birth to 18 months

• Difficulty folding
• Hard material
• Infant slides down when in the newborn position
• Easy breakage
• Not well suited when placed in a bathtub

Recommended For:

We recommend the Boon Naked Bathtub for those in urban spaces that want a modern and practical tub without the added storage space.

The Boon Naked Bathtub comes in three colors: Green, Blue and Pink.

Boon Naked Bathtub



Boon Naked BathTub
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